GEMS community!! Here I am!

in GEMS2 years ago (edited)

Hello Everyone My name is nouhaila and today I cam to present my self to this community!!

First thing first,I'm nouhaila, my friends call me nouha and my best ones call me NUNU...

Oh am a female by the way haha..ha😅. I'm a 19YO girl from morocco, I bet there is no Moroccans here!!(except @soufiani) it's good to be the first lol.

You may wonder how I did know about you guys! Well thanks to one of @soufiani's videos, I get to know that such blockchain exist!!

I created this account a month ago,but, I didnt know how it works so I was just messing around!
Under The instructions of @soufiani I'm able now to write this #introduceyourself post!Thus picking the right tags for the right topic!

Lets back to me now, on my other social media, I'm known as a singer.. not a song writer but i do covers ... wait for them from now on.. if you like singing of course!!

Beside singing, I'm very passionate about the #Korean culture! I kinda can speak and understand this lovely language!

I love traveling, and shopping of course🙄.

Ah, didn't tell you!!? I do Taekwondo!! and I'm really good at it! I've been training for almost 7years!
I also love, or start loving, basketball!

Wondering how do I look?


Keep wondering lol 😆.

Just keding hahaha, This is me!

Also me
And again me singng!!

So Guys,tell me in the comment section, do you like singing content??



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