Daily Drawing Challenge: Day 12 - Dragon

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Here is my Digital drawing for the Daily Drawing Challenge. Day 12: Dragon

The Red Dragon. (Source of original stone and amethyst Sculpture below)


Digital Edit from my Original drawings below. I was not happy with the purple so I made some hue, contrast and other filter adjustments....

The Purple Dragon ...


These are my drawing Steps.

Step 1: Start with Dragon outline.


Step 2: Add Shadows and details



Final Step: Add light watercolour wash.






Source: https://amzn.to/2BWoCGt


This is an awesome work! The dragon comfortably on the stone like a king.
The purple gave it a unique sense of feel. Great piece buddy.

Thanks. Yeah. The Digital drawings have lots of options for colour and hue adjustments. You can do one drawing with infinite # of colour edits. Everything is a big experiment. Learning something new every day. Thanks to your Awesome Drawing Challenge.

I guess purple is your favorite color. If I were the one, I would have probably chose blue! Cause that's my favorite 🤗

Well.... @hiveyoda told me that his favorite colours are purple and black so I am making artwork that he might buy for a few Bitcoin. Ha ha...

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Hermoso trabajo trabajo amigo, se ve como un ser imponente esta pose en reposo sobre unas rocas. Miro esta escene y miro a un Dragon que se levanta con la cabeza erguida sobre sus enemigos. Me gusto mucho tu trabajo @offgridlife. Saludos

Wow! Such a great drawing, I love the purple! 😍 The black and white sketch is also very cool, would make an awesome looking tattoo!

Thank you very much

It's a drawing with very rustic lines and a strong personality.

Ha ha .... Thanks.

What a beautiful drawing. I love it, you are a great artist!

i would love to join this challenge but i don't know if i can handle drawing every day....

your dragon looks awesome by the way...

Thanks. I can’t keep up either.