Abstract Body Painting: Inspiration from @creativemary

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Hello 👋 hivers 💖,
I bring to you an abstract body painting made with a unique concept.
i have always have a role model here @creativemary on the hive blockchain whom i have so much love her creativity on body arts and body paintings and ever since i came in contact with her works on the blockchain, i promised to go back to it and do more and i am glad i am improving. In her comment box,@galenkp and others said some good words and encouraged me more to creating that and never to lose the creativity.

Today,i decided to make a body painting on myself. I painted it myself, am sure you will want to ask how that’s possible but let me explain how i got it done.

I sat infront of a mirror to see the view of myself and i picked up my painting brushes and water poster colour to create this.

I remember the times i do face paintings for kids during events and the question parents do ask is that, hope there is no side effect to the kind of paint i use on the face but the good newsa is this,it doesnt have any side effect.


  • water poster colour
  • painting brush
  • makeup brush
  • a bowl
  • water


I am so happy that this creativity has not left me fully. The world of #hive is indeed full with creativity .
#hive5 to the world

Thanks for viewing in my blog.
I am @oladele-art


Hey! I am proud of you! Thank for for taking inspiration from my work, I congratulate you! Good job, I like the colours!

Wow! Thank you so much. I keyed into your words of encouragement and it's really working out. Thank you so much for rebranding me

I wish you success and many more works of bodypainting to follow!

Oh yes, i am starting a project on it

Great!You have the skills

Thank you so much

You did a great job. Love how it turned out.

Thanks so much. I am honored

wow =)

☺ Thank you so much ❤️

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