Sun Thursday Contest edition 6

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I really love sunsets - but occasionally I wake up early enough to see the beautiful sunrise.

photo_20200913 13.55.36.jpeg

photo_20200913 13.55.29.jpeg

photo_20200913 13.55.21.jpeg

Of course, I'm blessed to see both sunrise and sunset from my apartment on the 7th floor.

This morning there were clouds in the sky (quite rare at the moment in Limassol) and I managed to get a lovely photograph before the sun showed himself - but luckily I caught the moon and the evening star - so I will save that for the cloud contest introduced to me by @olgavita


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hello dear friend @pandamama good night
What beautiful sunrise photographs, I love sunny mornings, it fills me with energy, I really appreciate that you let us know these beautiful images
have a wonderful night and a happy rest

Thank you for your comments.

hello dear friend @pandamama good day
It is a real pleasure, your images are very beautiful, I appreciate that you have taught us
have a wonderful day