Another goblin

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Yesterday I watched The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on TV.
This movie is almost 20 years old! And still kicks ass.

I wonder sometimes how intelligent creatures can be so violent?
In nature even wolves or chimps, hell, hyenas even aren't so brutal all the time.
I think, because history is written by winners (people) the orcs are portrayed like that in order to
justify this holocaust, we gave them. :)

I bet average goblin would be a chilled dude, you could have a beer, or smoke a joint with him.

Peter Jackson's goblins look like they're on meth all the time.

Another question bugs me:
So, why people have non-pointy ears?
Would be cool to have such floppy flops like this guy below.




Stunning piece!😀👍

Oh He is gorgeous!!! Still struggling with digital art... i'm a paintbrush girl... Its a total myth that digital are is super easy. (although layers are just awesome) Thank for the cool video :-)
happy painting. Sarah

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