Even The Undead Have Their Needs - painting

in GEMS2 months ago

I wonder what if zombies chasing people don't want to eat them?
Maybe they just want to say goodbye one last time.
A hug, a kiss… and that's it.

And we are so prejudiced and run away or, worse, destroy them.

It's hard to blame a zombie for being a bit pissed off when he comes with love
and you bid him farewell with a machete, chainsaw, or shotgun.

So, as @maxwellmarcusart requested,
there is a colored edition of this Zombie-like dude.





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Haha, they want to feel the fresh human blood since they ain't gat that.

Feels good to finally see the colored version of the drawing. And you did it with green! Amazing!

You mean they want to say goodbye. They shouldn't bother I already told them the goodbye before

ottimo lavoro complimenti, lo speed drawing Grazie di aver condiviso questo lavoro.