Happy Little Accidents - portrait of Bob

in GEMS3 months ago (edited)

Ah, Bob Ross, we meet again.
Anybody who is interested in drawing or painting and browses Youtube for tutorials
will stumble upon this guy eventually.
He is a master of casual trees and semi-unexpected sunsets. Lord of mountains and water reflections. Prince of clouds and random foliage.

He's legend
He's a living, walking meme.
Actually, he past away some time ago but for me he's immortal.

I didn't see him drawing portraits, actually ... so... Don't compare me with him, please :P
or I'll beat the devil out of your brush. :)))





A bonus:


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That smile is unmatchable. Awesome painting of Bob Ross👍

I love Bob Ross! 🤩 I watched his show a lot when I was in school 🎓 ✏️ just watching his show helped me learn English haha.
🥦 !LUV 🥦






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