Shep - drawing

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If you think of the word "dog"...
What breed comes to mind?
For me, it will always be the German Shepherd.
It's not hard for me to explain why I love German Shepherds.
These dogs are very versatile. They fit both in a house with a garden and in an apartment. They are admittedly quite large, but c'mon, a dog has to be like that. Chihuahuas are not considered dogs by me - they are toys, c'mon let's be honest.

And German Shepherds are simply beautiful. Very similar to wolves and thus so a bit primal. But gentle (if you raise them well), brave, silly but smart, protective, and in general they have no flaws.
But I'm a little bit biased. I know.







We really love your work thank you very much for sharing.

Beautiful! It's a hell of a dog! And I see, it's a he.
And he likes what he's staring at :P

Ironically it was my ex... Lol

Very nice, thank you for sharing!

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