Is someone Up There laughing hard at the gradually poorer populace each time more divided?

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I don't know about you, but I reckon we should/must do something quick. I dunno, perhaps giving them a big and unexpected surprise in the upcoming presidential elections that are next to celebrate. Do you have any other best alternative yet?

The economy currently is in shambles. Social unrest is escalating. Both on one side and on the other side of the fence. The health services remain on a continuous red alert. No one should lower their guard. And today we commemorate 9/11 of 2020.


The study explores moral reasoning in the context of the famous "Trolley Dilemma." In 1967, moral philosopher Philippa Foot introduced the now-classic hypothetical dilemma: A train is hurtling down a track about to hit and kill five people, but a bystander can throw a switch and quickly divert the train toward another track, saving five lives. If they do, however, they will kill one person who is tied to the other track. What is the right thing to do? Most people will say they would divert the train.

In a second scenario, five people are tied to a track. A bystander on a footbridge above the track can push one man to his death on the track, taking one life to save five others. In this scenario, most people say it would be wrong to push the man, although the number of saved lives would be the same as in the earlier scenario with the switch.

Why do people respond so differently to the two scenarios?

«-Impersonal vs Personal-»

"Moral Dilemmas"

No Easy Answers, But...

Violence, verbal abuse spiking in stores mandating masks and many retailers and small shops fears for their business in the middle of the economic downturn.

Many retailers and store owners fear for their finances and the survival and health of their small business in the midst of this economic debacle. Since many think to close temporarily because their staff is already "exhausted by the constant conflicts with customers who refuse to wear masks."

Yeah, probably the nitty-gritty of this post will not have much to do with September eleven. But I suppose that many of you already know of the odd fondness and great sympathy of those who are up there at the pinnacle of the food pyramid toward the ceremonies and rites related to the kabbalah and numerology.

The US presidential elections 2020 will be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. (Postal Voting)
The election for president always falls on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, meaning this time around it's on 3 November. The presidential debates take place between 29 September and 22 October.

This year, the debates take place on:

29 September, at Case Western Reserve University.
15 October, at Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts.
22 October, at Belmont University.
The live televised vice presidential debate takes place on 7 October, at the University of Utah. Perhaps we are still in time to acquire a very innovative electronic device to help us make a good decision while we watch closely all the debates live.

Oh yeah of course. I certainly believe that no one should miss the debates of all the candidates. Come from where they come and represent who they represent. At the end of the day, almost all of them has been cut by the same scissors. You know?

And that's why I reckon we all should have handy that innovative "electronic gadget" to witness their televised live charades. Long before we have to decide if all of them up there are really laughing hard at us, the gradually poorer populace which each time seems more and more divided. So, just grab your gadget and watch the thing.

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I am betting the first live debate will reach ratings unheard of, there isn't to many people I know of who aren't eagerly awaiting to see how Biden fairs with his dementia laden self against Trump.

Oh yeah, definitely! I concur with your appreciation about people's morbo to watch Biden in a live debate without a script in front of his nose against the old fox Trump.

Although who knows? Even when hard to carry it out live, perhaps the Democrats still have a few convincing tricks under their sleeves to convince the audience in his favor. };)

Imagine, if you will a world not run by psychopaths....sigh

Unfortunately only psychopaths want to run the world...

Yep, very true. And I suspect the non psychopaths always have a greater tendency to stay still and enjoy life watching how everyone can walk freely thru the world at their own peaceful pace. :)

Most should shut off the programming box. Everything that is portrayed is not what it seems.

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Did you have already seen how the innovative foolproof electronic gadget works?

I dunno, perhaps there is still hope if we place the gadget close enough to the "programming box" to influence things a bit in our favor and not allow others to decide for us while we choose to stay in the twilight zone so blindly. };)