3D Printed Flowerpot

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Hello Everyone,

Today I'm taking a break from the more technically involved posts to share my latest design.

It's a simple flowerpot and it is going to be used in my indoor garden.

I designed it in Tinkercad,(main site) a browser based CAD software.


This entire process took... this long:

FluiddPi (github link)

Printed @ 0.2 mm layer height, with a 0.4 mm nozzle. (a moderately decent resolution to print, but not the finest, higher resolution prints take much longer.)

Here are some photo's as the flowerpot was built.



The rough looking material in the center is support material, which builds with the model to provide support for overhangs, and any areas which might droop or sag during the building process. Since the material is melted down to a near liquid form, this support factor cannot be overlooked, and 3D slicers will conveniently place the supports auto generated in most cases.


In this photo above , we can see the supports doing what they were intended to do. Without them, this print would not be possible! (If the printer is tuned correctly, these supports will break off the print with ease.)


In this photo above, we can see the print is complete, but those supports need to be removed.
(They snapped off with ease!)


There are some minimal artifacts left from the supports, but not too bad for a prototype print, and with things such as flowerpots, I am ok with some small imperfections.


My printer is still undergoing some calibrations, and I feel it's one of those things that's always going to be a work in progress, because 3D printers are machines with a lot of moving parts and need constant maintenance.

I don't mind putting in the time and effort for the maintenance because the more effort one puts into taking care of their 3D printer, the more their 3D printer will reward them back with beautiful prints.
It's a simple concept, and it is very true, just like many other things in life :)

It was a pleasure sharing my creation with you all today, thank you for stopping by and have a great day!



Those are some really fine printing quality! Let's just say, if I wish to have my own flower pot with my name on it, how much would you charge?

Will you consider to open service for retail? Can you do a final product rendering, like I have my flower pot and I wanted the pot in ocean blue, but the tag I wanted yellow and my name engraved in fire red?

Oh and another question if you don't mind. We all knowing printing 3D stuff, it's a stacking process. Hence, the final product we will see it like a 3D dot matrix printer, with lines and pixels. Let's just say, if I use fine quality sandpaper to give it a brush, mirror finish. Do you think the staking gap will still be visible?

Hi @davidke20, that is a huge compliment to have someone ask me if I would be willing to sell designs, thank you!

I've never considered opening a retail service for this, but if there is a big enough market then yes I would totally open up a retail service of some sort.

For how much I would charge, it would not be much for something like flower pots 😅, and without an LLC I would have to look into the liability aspects before I could even agree to do something like that unfortunately.
I think I can do it like a gift without an LLC.

In which case maybe the customer friend would just pay for the materials and shipping costs, and me the designer would make no profit.

For something like flower pots, that's how I would much rather do it anyway, like a gift for a friend who just pays the shipping, and any extra amounts would have to be as a gift/donation to the seller friend.😀

Let's just say, if I use fine quality sandpaper to give it a brush, mirror finish. Do you think the staking gap will still be visible?

Yes with the layering, there will be some visibility of the lines. The finer the resolution, the harder those lines are to see to the naked eye.
The highest resolution prints that I produce currently are 0.12 mm layer height, which is pretty fine, but still not ultra fine. Some of these resin printers are printing at insanely fine resolutions.
To answer the question, I've seen some 3D printer hobbyists claiming that sanding is good for things like removing artifacts/globs, but I cannot attest to whether or not this will make the layers less visible.
I think it might make the model more shiny, but those lines will still be visible.

Thanks for your amazing feedback and support!

Excellent work dear...
Name printing is also nice..

The flowerpot looks unique and amazing

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nice dude, im currently working on the ender pro 3, i assembled it, but i messed up the z axix i believe in tightening it so the level is off, which is annoying -.-

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Hey, thanks @brutalmonkey! Are you able to print with it at all yet or are you still working out the assembly?
I have an Ender 3 V2, which I think is pretty identical with the frame, if I can help in any way I surely will!

What's the current situation with your printer as far as its functionality status?

Yes I have the assembly done, it can print I have everything set up as its suppose to, but I cant balance the machine right even with the 4 knobs underneath still a huge gap from the board to the nail

Hey, thanks for explaining!

It sounds like perhaps your Z-limiter switch is not placed correctly, because even with your machine out of square, the nozzle should still reach the bed.

"Huge gap" is hard to gauge, but if your nozzle is extruding clearly away from the bed and you are unable to easily adjust bed level, this sounds like an improper Z-limiter placement.

I hope this helps, and hopefully your machine is not out of square, these are pre-machined holes and if your machine is out of square then it's likely a manufacturer defect and I would personally contact Ender support if this is the case.

I hope this is helpful :)

well thanks for your input.

It's a pleasure, please keep me updated, I am hopeful that everything works out with your 3D printing experience.

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You're welcome @print3dpro, that's already a great beginning 😊👍 Keep going like that!!!