Today my art Bird art in hand!!

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❤️Hello my💘Gems 💘friends💓

How are you all?
Hope everybody is well
I wish good health to all. everyone I am fine. Today I am here again with a new post among you. The post is the art of Bird art in hand I love to do art. I shared with you in this community a step by step description of how I made this painting. I hope you like my painting today.


I have used all that material here

My drawing Materials:
A4 size paper
Color Pencil

First I will draw a human hand with a beautiful pencil.


2.Then I will draw a bird in the hand.


3.This time I will draw the legs of the bird.


4.Then I will paint my fingernails, bird's feet and lips red.


5.I paint the bird's body orange in places.


6.Then I paint the place blue on the body of the bird.


7.Lastly I paint the human hand gray and the bird's feet green below.


I finished drawing a Bird art in hand picture like this. I hope all of you will like my drawing. If you like the art, please let me know through comments. Thank you all very much for reading my post.
Thank you.