Delicious Homemade Pork Quesadilla! So Easy to Make!

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Quesadilla is easy to make and they're surely very delicious!


For this recipe I used white onion, green peppers, marinated roasted pork belly, mozzarella cheese and two homemade purple yam tortillas.

Feel free to flick through the photos for the step by step procedure.

It's super simple!





I use the bacon press to press the tortillas so it holds the filling...If you dont have any bacon press at home, you can just use a wide spatula, press it for few seconds.


Then you flip it on the other side and press it again.




That's it, our roasted pork quesadilla!


Looks tasty! It must have the crispy feel and the stretch out cheese because of the melted cheese in it..

Looks very delicious! Quesadilla is the Shizz!

This is looking pretty good and yummy!

I thought you're fillipino? Now you Mexican? Make up your mind! Do you think you could combine the two influences into something new?

Yum, yum, yum! 😍😍😍 I miss eating those. Hmmm, I'll gonna make it one of these days! 😋

Any thing with cheese in it, I'm sold! Looks delicous!

Where did you buy yam tortillas? Looks literally YUM!

I made it myself 😊 you can check out in @busykitchen its almost the as sweetpotato tortillas recipe I made, posted on that blog

Realmente parece una cosa muy fácil de hacer. Me gustan las recetas así.

Looks great, I have never put roast pork in a quesadilla before, but I have put the meat from BBQ ribs before ant that was killer also.