False Hopes, Over the INTERNET...

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Hello everyone

Internet is a huge place of information. It can either be used in the right way or in the wrong way as well. Some people are making the proper use of it and making fortune out in here in terms of money and education (knowledge) while some are misusing it and robbing people off their time and money at the same time.

While what I am saying is in today's topic that there are issues that are being face by many people who are spreading false hope via their contents. I am not sure if you have gone through on one of those videos/blogs where the author claims you can get these and that within a certain period of time BUT the reality is all of those are false hope and the author are just doing it because of their benefits and the consumers are not getting anything in return.

I have been through that and I know how it feels. Luckily I found this blockchain and I have been here ever since. Let's see how it turns out in the coming days.


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Boom, have some bro my friend!


Tnx mah man ;)

Really motivational Speech brother and very good presentation, I Just Like It. Thanks for sharing your positive thought about #HIVE Blockchain.

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