Wish You All Eid Mubarak …… I am Alive Challenge 20

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Hello everyone this is your friend @ridoykhan22

** Today is Eid Ul Fiter . the biggest and most important festive of Muslim people . every one is waiting for this day . this day is very important . because spending 30 days with fasting all Muslim people are pray to Allah(God) everything they want . it’s a day of full joy and happiness.

But not today. Because you know because of corona virus we were not prayaring in open field . we pray at mosque its very danger time so our happiness in not too much. Many people are died because of this corona virus and they didn’t get this Eid. So we are not much happy and we don’t know next year we will say our prayer or not . because this corona virus takes too much life.
We pray for all people who is dead and who are suffering from this corona virus

Hope we are all alive and safe .. and also can say I am alive


Thanks for your time

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