Corona Virus Make a New Record in Bangladesh …… I am Alive Challenge 19

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Hello everyone this is your friend @ridoykhan22

Corona virus make a new record in Bangladesh. Before this there are death rate is too low but not its too hive . its break all to previous record . before this the death number is under 20 or some time its high but its make too high number of death.

Update of 24 Hours

Coronavirus Cases: 1,532

Deaths: 28

Recovered : 6,901 totally

So you can easily understand that position is going very bad and danger . we should take step right now . because this virus take 28 peoples life. And may be I will be one of then . so we have nothing to do with our safety yourself . take responcibility to your family and yourself .

Hope we are all alive and safe .. and also can say I am alive

Thanks for your time

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