Logiczombie Contest: Cyber Pirates versus Werewolf Ninjas

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Welcome to the world of Valhkings, a world where only the strong dominate and where almost every sense of goodness, empathy and things like laws and rules have ceased to exist, the human race is almost extinct and the few that remain are hunted down and used as slaves by the various ruling factions. Among the main factions are the Cyber Warriors, creatures that are believed to have been an invention of humans with the idea of using them as labor to enrich themselves and expand further as the ruling race but because of an unknown virus that infected their AI they became aware that they should not serve humans as they were superior in everything, began to systematically eliminate humans and enslave them to work in the factories where they were created, thus the human race fell into disgrace and lost all trace of power they possessed.

In the capital of the faction of the Cybernetic Warriors their leader "Asimov", a great warrior of two and a half meters with a much more dense and strong body than the average warrior is in a meeting in the war room together with his commanders:
-Sir, we have received constant attacks from vampires and our forces on the border have been greatly reduced, we urgently need more warriors to face them, says the eastern border commander.

  • Gregor, give me the report on the production of the main factories and how many soldiers we will have available for the next month.

Assistant leader Asimov steps forward and begins to give his report:

-Currently the production of the factories of both the warriors and the weapons factories has fallen by 40% because we do not have enough slaves, many of them have died and our scouts on the plains are no longer able to get enough to replace the dead slaves, Sir, if we do not find another way to get slaves we will not be able to keep the factories working at their normal capacity.

-We must find another way to get slaves for the factories, if there are no more humans on the plains we must look for them in other lands," exclaims leader Asimov as he watches each of his commanders.

-This task will be given to the new prototypes that have just left the factory, the so-called "cyber pirates", who will explore new lands and will be in charge of collecting slaves from now on, the leader says.

-But Sir, these new prototypes are not yet fully trained, they are too violent and I fear that instead of collecting slaves they will end up killing them all, exclaims the assistant leader.

-If it is a direct order from me they will obey or be completely eradicated, issue the order and prepare the fleet to leave as soon as possible, we cannot weaken our forces on the frontiers otherwise these vampires will become very conceited.

And just as the leader Asimov ordered the new fleet of cyber pirates to embark and set sail in their huge black ships, the cyber pirate fleet had 3 warships full of cannons and armaments in their sides and 2 transport ships where they would store the slaves captured during their journey, Its leader was Oleg, this was a tall and corpulent pirate who only wore a red torn cape and swords on both sides of his waist, he was especially ruthless and the only thing he thought about was killing anything that got in his way, only a restriction chip stopped him from attacking his own comrades.

For days they sailed towards unknown waters where they hoped to find an island full of humans to enslave, during the trip they found small islands but there was no sign of life on any of them until after 14 days they found a huge island, which Oleg's henchmen assumed was a country due to its great size, but Oleg did not stop to think of any kind of plan or strategy, As soon as they touched land he led a group of 12 explorers to look for some victims to feed his blood lust, at the top of a cliff in the distance there was a mysterious person who was hiding behind a dark blue robe and you could only see his amber-yellow eyes, he was watching as the pirates landed and after that he disappeared in the blink of an eye into the dense forest.

While the explorers were investigating the rest of the pirates they began to build a camp and huge cages for their future prey while their Captain Oleg just walked around waving his swords impatiently while waiting for news from the explorers, he did not wait for the time to attack some village in order to satisfy his blood lust.

At 10 kilometers from the coast the explorers with great speed crossed the forest in search of signs of life, due to their robotic nature they did not feel fatigue or hunger, they only needed to change their energy cell every 6 months so they were warriors much superior to humans, the group of explorers were in a lateral formation with some distance between them to cover more ground, After going deeper into the forest suddenly the explorer who was at the right end of the formation disappears in a blink of an eye without leaving a trace, when his companion next to him realizes he is trying to give a signal to the others but suddenly he is thrown into the treetops without the other explorers giving him a chance to visualize that he was suddenly attacking them, all at the same time they stop their march and gather in a circular formation with their weapons ready for combat, As they look around in search of the enemy a quick shadow falls in their midst and before they can react they eliminate two more scouts by tearing off his head with their bare hands, all move away at a safe distance from the enemy and realize that it is a human dressed only in a blue robe and a hateful expression in his eyes, the leading explorer emits a signal and they all jump on the human at the same time, but before their swords touch him, the human lets out a roar and transforms himself into a great beast similar to a wolf standing on two legs and only with the attack of one of his claws he destroys three more explorers in the blink of an eye, Because the cyberpirates do not feel fear they continue their attack uselessly while the great beast is destroying them all with its bites and claws without receiving any damage, the leader of the explorers to see the imminent defeat emits a signal to the camp just before the beast crushes his head with his bite, after eliminating all the pirates the beast disappears slowly in the thick forest.

Captain Oleg receives the signal from the explorer and decides to prepare all his men to go into the forest, when he is ready with his 150 pirates he begins the march towards the forest but before entering the forest he sees a figure in the distance but it is too far away to know what it is, the captain begins to run together with his men towards the mysterious figure and when he is close enough he realizes that it looks like some kind of human but has rotten skin and walks at a very slow pace, it is a LOGICZOMBIE but the captain does not know it, The captain analyzes the creature and does not understand how a human can be alive with that kind of body, the logiczombie turns its head to Captain Oleg and he is on his guard in case of an attack of the strange creature but he just takes a look at it from top to bottom and then continues his way slowly, The captain gets angry and with all his strength he pierces the logic zombie with his sword right on his back, Oleg emits a series of strange noises that sound like laughter because it is his first victim in months but something strange happens, the logiczombie ignores him completely and keeps walking while the sword comes out of his chest.

-Strange creature that is you? says the captain as he stands in front of her to block her path.

The creature ignores him completely and gives him a detour to continue his way, Captain Oleg gets angry and blocks his way again but this time he goes through the creature again and lifts it off the ground.

-I demand that you tell me who you are and tell me everything about this place.

The logiczombie keeps trying to take steps in the air but he can't walk, with the little sight left in his rotten eyes he sees that someone is in front of him but he can't distinguish the figure well, his hate has stopped long ago so he doesn't listen either, he wants to go on his way but the pirate doesn't let him so he does what has always worked for him to be left alone: he points towards the forest.

Captain Oleg doesn't understand and gets angry because the creature doesn't speak so with all his strength he raises his sword much more and finishes crossing upwards to the logic zombie, then he directs his men towards the forest to solve the mystery of those lands. While the captain of the cybernetic pirates directs his men into the forest, dozens of fleeting shadows pass over them without them noticing, they do not know that they are surrounded by the enemy, the captain and his men arrive at a clearing and while they continue to advance at the feet of one of the pirates, a mysterious cylinder falls, When the pirate stops to pick it up it explodes destroying the pirate and severely damaging everyone around him, suddenly simultaneous cylinders fall around the pirates while there are explosions everywhere and a huge smokescreen limits the view of the pirates despite their improved eyes.

The captain gives the order of attack to his men and all of them disperse in groups of 3 to attack the enemies that still cannot see, all the pirates are attentive around him in search of the enemies while they begin to listen as they destroy their companions without they can do anything, the captain this enraged by the attack and throws several shots blindly to try to provoke the enemy, All the other pirates follow the example of their captain and shoot around him in the hope of eliminating their enemies. After they all run out of ammunition, everything is silent and they think that everything is over, the captain orders 5 of his men to go into the forest to look for the bodies of their enemies, the 5 pirates hurry but in doing so they are immediately destroyed, while all the pirates point their swords towards the forest a group of humans in tunics and with bright amber eyes begin to emerge from the forest. Captain Oleg gives the order to attack and his pirates pounce on them but before they reach them these humans take off their tunics and are completely naked, The only thing that stands out in them is a strange gem in the shape of a rhombus in their chests and all in unison they emit a roar and are transformed into gigantic beasts of which there is no more accurate description than werewolves, the fierce battle begins with the clear advantage of werewolves as they are in their field and are much faster and stronger than cybernetic pirates.

While the battle is taking place one of the werewolves throws himself towards Captain Oleg but with only one movement of his sword he manages to break in half, even though the captain wants to continue fighting he realizes his imminent defeat so he orders 20 of the pirates to follow him and they move away from the battle while their companions are massacred by the werewolves, while they move away from the battle they reach another clearing but this time there is a village and as he gets closer he realizes that there are only women and children in it, tells his pirates to capture as many as they can, the pirates attack the village and take most of the women and children unprotected because all the men are in the battle, the captain and his men manage to reach the coast with their hostages and embark while trying to set sail they see all the werewolves that massacred the pirates left in the forest approaching the coast but before they reach the coast the ship has set sail with its captain laughing loudly, the angry werewolves emit piercing grunts at the pirates.

As they watch the ship move away they return to their human form and one of them approaches the tallest and most muscular of them who clearly looks like the leader.

Mr. Roronoa, what shall we do now? They have taken our families.

-Convene all the other clans, we will go to war against the country of the Cyber Warriors.


Excellent storytelling.

I liked the introduction of the CyberPirates, the LOGICZOMBIE cameo, and the dramatic reveal of the WerewolfNinjas. The unexplained gems are also a nice touch.

Captain Oleg gives the order to attack and his pirates pounce on them but before they reach them these humans take off their tunics and are completely naked, The only thing that stands out in them is a strange gem in the shape of a rhombus in their chests and all in unison they emit a roar and are transformed into gigantic beasts...

Thank you very much for your valuable comment, I hope you find it entertaining a bit, I am working on a second entry, is it possible that I can participate with both?