How life is passing

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem All praises to Allah Almighty Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu how are you all I hope you are doing very well.

How life is passing

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Looking at the title of my article today, many people may or may not know what kind of title it is. I will try to explain to you with a small example. At the end of the day, why is life? I have encountered many such incidents in my life.

         # Let's look at the life of a man!

Thinking of a man, a man is working all day in the office or is busy in some other work. When he comes home, whenever he sees it, or his kids are watching TV or studying, his wife is busy in cooking, anyone offers him a glass of water. No one can give you that time, you have to drink your own water.

The food is sitting on the table, there is food on the table, but there is no one to raise it, everyone is busy with everyone's work.

In the heat of the whole day, the head hurts a lot, even after taking sleeping pills, there is no sleep in the eyes, there are various tensions in the eyes, maybe the son's school is yet to be returned, the girl's private money is yet to be paid, the house rent is yet to be paid, a man cannot sleep at night due to such tension.

While thinking about these things, he does not know when his eyes suddenly catch, after that he wakes up again in the morning and gets busy with the work of his dying day. This is how a man spends his life.

      ... Now let's take a look at the life of a woman.

When a woman wakes up in the morning and goes to sleep after reading the Fajr prayer, her tension is when she will prepare breakfast, when she will complete the housework, when she will deliver her child to school after having breakfast.

After coming to school, work starts, household chores are done one by one, he calls Zohar azaan, then takes a bath, and when the children come home from school, they have to be bathed, after having lunch, they have to be taken to bed to sleep.

After putting them to sleep, they have to do the rest of the household chores, but they don't have time to sleep.

When you sit down to eat lunch, you have to take out your own food and eat it. After completing the meal, some new tasks are born.

After completing the tasks, when he goes to take a breath of relief in the afternoon, the children wake up again and make breakfast for them, thus passing their afternoon.

In the evening, we have to sit and read with the children to teach them, sometimes it is past ten o'clock.

After putting them to sleep, there are some tasks of the family at night.

Do you fall asleep when you put your head on the pillow? A lot of time passes by thinking about the world.

This is how two people spend one day after another. Is life really happy? Everyone has to go through various problems in life and this is how people spend their lives, whether it is a man or a woman.

And in this way, running after the world, when the age reaches fifty, one of the two does not realize that they are surrounded by the illusion of the world, forget about their own happiness, about their own happiness, about the day when they will go out to eat.

This is how the lives of hundreds of couples are passing. This is how people are passing their lives.

  • Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read my article!

Wishing everyone to be well and healthy, I leave here like today. I will certainly appear among you with some new matter. Until then, Allah Hafez Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.


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