How to make a watchtower for fantasy role playing [ Part 3 ] [ Final ]

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Hello this is the final part of the watchtower build. In this post we are gonna finish the paint job and build the top part of the tower.

How to make a watchtower for fantasy role playing [ Part 1 ]

- In part 1 , I prepared the individual bricks, build the cardboard base and glue the bricks to the base. If you want to see how this tower base built, please check the part 1.

How to make a watchtower for fantasy role playing [ Part 2 ]

- In part 2 , I added a few new elements to the top of the base and add supports as well. Painted the whole thing with the base color of black. If you want to see the base color painting process check part 2

I mixed warm white paint and small amount of black to make a grey color. The trick to this is take as little paint as possible to your brush and take away to excess by brushing it on a cardboard, tissue paper etc. Little by little brush the paint on the rocks. Your brush will catch the high points and make them lighter while the low points stay darker. Take your time and add more white in each coat. You may use only white for the edges to simulate light.

Lets build the wooden floor for the tower. Minituare should have a hard wood floor. I cut 45 degree angles for the sake of look. You may cut straight lines and it will be perfectly fine. I use hot glue to glue them to the base. This is quicker then white glue. I need them to be solid as I am going to work on the surface to build the roof. Painted it black and apply brown color on top of it.

I cut four pieces of foam and paint them black to act as a stone beams for the roof. The top parts needs to be angled to receive the wooden parts. then I glued a piece of cardboard on top of it to complate the roof structure.

For the roof I peal of the first layer of the carboard to expose the inner layer. The layer that looks like potato chips ^^ This looks really good as a roof tiles. Cut little rectangles from the cardboard. They doesnt have to be the same size , cut them differently to give them more natural look.

After the paint this is the final result.



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