My very First Blog

in GEMS3 months ago

Hi guys hope u doing all well this is my first blog I'm an artist I love to sketch and paint so I'm gonna tell u how I start doing it basically I was bunking my maths class and hiding somewhere in my college I was so passionate about my hand writing so I always writing things and random words ... That day I was just writing something and then suddenly I came up with the idea to sketch a figure while sitting on the branch of tree, looking towards the sunset on the beach after sketching it I realized I'm not bad at drawing's been five years already ...


And now here I am in 2021 it's been half decade and I never thought things this way never thought to be an artist . It's a sudden change of plan cuz till that day I want to be an engineer 😂 I think that's how life is , you never know what's next so not planning anything for life is sometimes as good as my life right now cuz I'm at ease.


I would like to share one of my present work ☝️


thank you for sharing your blog with us at the hive

Ur well come 😊