Sister Stones ❤ Boulder Sunday Number 98

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Yep one of those rare beautiful blue days in Alaska.


We do not get them very often
they appear more in winter.


These are the sister boulders near Clam Gulch.


A question, how do you spell yep?
Is it yep or yup?



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November 4th 2018


Thank you @otage for the cool street name!


© Photos & words by @shasta June 20th 2021 2:00 PM O'rock Alaska


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 62 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you ❤ @pixresteemer! Much appreciated! :-)


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Alaskan zen:)

Hey are u having issues posting? Or other Hive stuff being glitchy?

Hello ❤ @adamcurry33! A little glitchy here the other
day it was hard to get votes to stick. They are working
on the next hardfork that is set for the 30th of June.

In The Morning to you!
Thanks for the information friend🤟

Good afternoon ❤ @prydefoltz! Gotta love that zen! :-)

Wow! These two are very special!

Good afternoon ❤ @kaminchan! That they are! :-)

Hello. why blue day? Is it because there are no clouds in the sky?
Is this the sea? or some kind of lake?

Hello ❤ @alechi! Yes nice and blue, we don't get
that many blue ones. The body of water is called the
Cook inlet, it flows in and out of the north pacific ocean.
Check it out on a map, its pretty big.

This is the south of Alaska.
Do you have Russian roots?


Why "Yep" and not "Yes"? Or does it mean a little different?

We were always taught English - "yes'

Hello ❤ @alechi! Yep we like our slang! :-)
I was surprised how many different ways
people spell it, from yep to yup to yelp lol

In the Russian language, too, there are many similar expressions like "yes". And, by the way, they often say in the English manner "oh, yes".
And some people just talk with obscene words. masters of the swear word can express the whole essence of the conversation and emotions in three words in variations.
It can even be difficult for them to speak without obscene words.