Just an ordinary day in a ordinary life

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Hello hivers, an happy Wednesday to you all! Today I have nothing new artworks to show you, cause I started a couple of new painting, but I have to finish. I titlet this post "Just an ordinary day in a ordinary life", cause during these days I often think how important the ordinary days are in our life. Sure, I think everyone of us dreams some extraodinary days full of joy, success and happiness, but to live a life means also to live bad moments because those moments are part of the life of everyone of us. Thinking about it, an ordinary day is something that helps us to calm our nerve, to recharge aour energy, to be ready for a no-ordinary day.

White and Blue Photo Specific to June Celebrants Gemini Birth Stone Birthday Facebook Post (5).png

Every new year I add on my shoulder, I prreciate more and more those ordinary days, when nothing special happens. Ok, I'm always so happy when something great happens (I'm human, right? ^_^ ), but I also need to live some quiet days from time to time.

Days with no bad news, days with no deadlines, days like today, just ordinary days. ^_^


Now my furry friend Richy is waiting me on the sofa for an "ordinary" couple of hours spent in relax before to sleep.
Good night to everyone and see ya tomorrow,

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Might be an ordinary day but to me, I think each day is unique and different from every other day we've ever come across.

Beautiful shot. That photo would make a superb painting.

I like your thought about each day is unique and different! ^_^

Yeah, that's how I see life.