Splinterlands social media challenge//Today my drawing lava launcher!!

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Hi everyone.....how are you all .I hope you are all well.I'm fine too. Today I'm drawing from the Splinterlands Social Media Challenge.This month 3rd week new picture art.The name of the picture is lava launcher.This picture is a very hard .but I will try to best art and we'll.


This picture art use materials to draw the picture.
A4 size paper
Color Pencil

I drew the picture using pencil, rubber, hardboard and white paper.this picture art my hands.


I do the color work step by step. I have highlighted it below.

1.First I paint the car orange in the lava lanuncher picture so that the picture looks good and is acceptable to everyone.


2.Then I painted the lava lanuncher in the car tower and in the front I painted the leaves.


3.Then I paint a red lava shell coming out of the car in the picture lava lanuncher.


4.Finally I painted the whole body of the driver of the lava launcher picture gray.


I hope you like my drawing a lot. Everyone will be good and healthy. Thank you
Splinterlands social media challenge)/here
Here my refferal link.


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