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To wrong someone can be unintentionally likewise it can also be internationally. Being together in the environment has its up's and downs. it has do's and don't One actions towards one may be a big issue when melted to another.

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Livinus lives around the neighborhood with other neighbors but he was very close to Obi, both were like brothers and had each other's back. There friendship was very nice and worth emulation by people around.
They worked in different places although they take the same route before proceeding further to there destination. Almost everyday they live for work together and came back separately as they had different schedules.
One day Obi slept off from tiredness of work from the previous day he woke up already to take a little nap and found himself waking up very Late. After everything he checked up on his Friend and already left for work. He was a bit disappointed in his Friend.
After the Closing hours he came home and went over to his Friends house he melted his disappointment on him on how he couldn't check up on him or even give him a call to know the reasons He was not going to work rather he Left. Livinus admitted his wrongs to his Friend and asked for forgiveness and he forgave him and they moved on.
In Life 🙏 we should always admit wrongs when we offend others in that they will not be too grudges others may be Carrying for us. We should always be sorry when we wrong others and not have pride in us.
When you have done something wrong, admit it and be sorry no one one has punished from swallowing pride.
We keep Hoping and Trusting in God Almighty 🙏 for Everything 🙏.
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Positivity is Our Watchword 🙏🙏.


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