Smartphone editor can make this! : Jessie J - Who you are (short cover)

Hello everyone i hope that you are all having a great day then this is another video it was a test i tried the one man band style with smarthphone editor called kinemaster to mix more than one layer in the same video it isn't easy at all to mix video with a video when all this related to music and the right tempo next experiences will be better i hope so.

Notice: i publish my vidros on YouTube for two reason first one to develop my channel second and important reason to promote hive you can take a look on youtube video description :).


Nice job! You may want to have a look at Cyberlink's PowerDirector, that's a very powerful video prog for Android:
Not expensive, either. Keep up the good work. Cheers - Folker

Thank you, yes i know this one but kinemaster still advanced than cyberlink i think

O.K., never hurts to check.