1st of March, the day I start writing my diary

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The 1st of March, this is the same exact day where I've decided to start blogging about my job and sharing what happened every day!

I've been thinking about this for 6months now, but never thought about the procedure!

Now i find my self lost in my thoughts! I have to start something, something that i will be happy and comfortable to blog about.

Well let's start of what I do.

You can say I'm a designer! Or at least that's what I aim to be. I started with photoshop and illustrations, but now i found a job operating a CNC machine, which needs a design _to draw and design the patterns.
Here's an example

This is the 3D modelAnd this is the final result

By now i think you get the image of what I do for living, now my diary will begin!

1st March 2021

Something really pisses me off when you deal with a client on a certain design and agreed on certain measurements, but at the end (when you already finished the work) he asks to add other drawings or pieces at the time when you have already removed the material off the machine.

That's what happened today, I got angry, mad, So what did I do?

I made a phone call with my client : hi sir! You asked for adding few patterns to the material right?
Client : yes please!
Me: I have already finished and removed the material off the machine! I lost the settings.
Client : just do me this favor please.
Me: listen you piece of crap, you had to tell me this before I start working, at the very beginning, now I won't start over on your piece of shit.....
That's what I have fantasized about, but the sad true is I can't lose a client!

I said, yes of course I will see what i can do!

This is just one side of what happens at work, actually my job is really fun, we get to meet interesting people each day, we get to learn new aside our profession!

This was a brief resume of what happened with me today, I'm writing this at the evening, so I couldn't tell the details!

I apologize for advance for making my blog my diary, if you want to know more about me and my job... Stay tuned!


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It really irritates when at the end he asks to add other drawings or pieces