There must be a cleaning day! Frustrating but it's a duty🤷🏻‍♂️

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Hello everyone to my blog, this is a quick update about my workshop!
When I first stepped to the place a saw this view which made me remember that I haven't cleaned my spot in a while!!
it's so dusty, and now you might wonder from where this massive amount of dust comes from!!
hive bar.png

  • First of all you need to know that I'm working on wood engraving, we deal with all kinds of wood, the one that produces the most part of this mess is the MDF!
    hive bar.png

  • When the MDF is engraved it gives this tiny powder of wood dust! it's so dangerous on the respiratory system!! it blocks the respiratory tract causing suffocation!!
    hive bar.png

BTW we make some cool patterns and creative designs!! The final result of this piece will be in a separate post!!

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Now let's continue with the mess!

It might look like a small hill of dust, but I ensure to you that it's much more than what appears in this picture!!
hive bar.png

  • As you can see here I will empty this place using a hand made shovel (out of wood) and a bowl!

hive bar.png

  • After the bowl gets full I go down stairs to throw it away! (it's too heavy!)
    It took me 2rounds to clean this side!

hive bar.png

  • And now the right side is fully clean! After 20min of cleaning and 2 bowls of dust are moved out, you can say it's about 100kg of dust!

hive bar.png

  • Moving to the left side! As you can see it's about to be cleaned, i didn't take a photo before start cleaning but here it is!
    What you should know is this spot is too small I can fitt but can move freely, that's why it's so hard to clean this spot, it takes more time and more energy!
    hive bar.png
  • Anyway, both sides are done and a total of 300kg of dust is thrown away!

    hive bar.png

    - After I'm done this is what shoes look like(comparison)

    hive bar.png

    Much love, @soufiani!