🏀CBA Daily Pick'em Contest 7/12 | Enter Today for a Chance to Win!

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Sunday, July 12, 2020. Welcome to the #CBA Daily Pick'em!



Due to the overwhelming number of people editing their picks and the tremendous amount of time it takes for me to check the timestamp on each entry, I'll be making an adjustment to the contest rules.

From here on out, if you make an edit to your picks you are disqualified from the contest. No exceptions. This will make things more clear for everyone moving forward.

Thank you for playing, and best of luck!

For today's contest with only the one game on deck, I want everyone to pick the Over/Under

Deadline for today - 11:00 PM EST.🏀

Contest Rules

  • All contestants are allowed one entry.
  • All entries must be placed by 11:00 PM EST.
  • Contestants must pick a team to win+Over/Under for each game.
  • Whoever picks the most games right, wins the contest.
    Tie-Breaker, each day I will pick a game where you will need to pick the Combined Total Points Scored.
  • In the event of a tie, whoever comes
    closest to the Combined Total Points Scored, wins the contest.
    Today's game: Shanxi Zhongyu @ Beijing
  • List your entry as follows, Winning Team+Over/Under+Tie-Breaker.
    Example: SHANXI/Under, Tie-Breaker 200.
  • All contestants should try their best to circulate the post/contest.
  • Winner(s) get 50% of the post's liquid earnings.
  • Don't edit your post. Edited posts will be disqualified from the contest.

CBA Match ups for 7/12


CBA Daily Pick'em will be running everyday of the season, into the playoffs, and through the Finals.

A special thanks goes out to @canadian-coconut for continually supporting #sports contests here on HIVE, without her contributions a lot of this wouldn't be possible.

Please list your bets in the proper order listed so that it's easier for me to grade the picks. If you have any ideas, suggestions or ways of helping the contest, feel free to let me know.

Resteem appreciated. Follow me here on HIVE or find me on Twitter.

Best of Luck!

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beijing over 201

Beijing under 170

Beijing - under 190

Shanxi / Over, 208

Shanxi / Over

Beijing - under