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Hello guys, yeah most of you may think I am in school now but I came back home last weekend for a program which I am to play my guitar in. So, today I am going back to school infact, I write this blog as I sit in the vehicle heading to school.

Hola chicos, sí la mayoría de ustedes pueden pensar que estoy en la escuela ahora pero volví a casa el fin de semana pasado para un programa en el que voy a tocar mi guitarra. Así que, hoy voy a volver a la escuela de hecho, escribo este blog mientras me siento en el vehículo que va a la escuela.


Above is the picture I took in the morning when I was about leaving for school. While I had my bag all packed up as you can see in the picture below.

Arriba está la foto que tomé en la mañana cuando estaba a punto de salir a la escuela. Mientras tenía mi bolsa todo empacado como se puede ver en la imagen de abajo.


My mum was going to the market so she used the opportunity to accompany me to where I would be boarding the vehicle that would take me Abeokuta. Abeokuta is the capital of ogun state which is where my school is located.

Mi madre iba al mercado, así que aprovechó la oportunidad para acompañarme a donde estaría abordando el vehículo que me llevaría Abeokuta. Abeokuta es la capital del estado de Ogun, que es donde se encuentra mi escuela.




A little bit about my school, the name of my school is Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta which is also called FUNAAB for short. It would be great to share some images of the school but I don't have any on my phone but I would share just two images from the Internet.

Un poco sobre mi escuela, el nombre de mi escuela es Universidad Federal de Agricultura, Abeokuta que también se llama FUNAAB para abreviar. Sería genial compartir algunas imágenes de la escuela, pero no tengo ninguna en mi teléfono, pero compartiría sólo dos imágenes de Internet.



In the image above, we have the school gate and the senate house. Funaab is well known because of its beautiful environment after all, it is an agricultural school so they priorities vegetation. I haven't really explored the environment of funaab because of the covid issue in ground and most of our classes are online classes so I haven't really seen the need of going into campus. I guess you must be thinking where do I live, obviously I stay off campus.

En la imagen de arriba, tenemos la puerta de la escuela y la casa del senado. Funaab es bien conocido por su hermoso entorno después de todo, es una escuela agrícola por lo que prioriza la vegetación. Realmente no he explorado el entorno de funaab debido a la cuestión covid en tierra y la mayoría de nuestras clases son clases en línea, así que realmente no he visto la necesidad de entrar en el campus. Supongo que debes estar pensando dónde vivo, obviamente me quedo fuera del campus.

Anyways, thanks for reading through. See you again in my blog coming up later in the day.

De todos modos, gracias por leer. Nos vemos de nuevo en mi blog más tarde en el día.

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Aw, see mom's boy! 😄 Hope you had a wonderful musical program. FUNAAB seems like a lovely place though I've never been there. Well, wish you safe journey back to school and success for the semester.

Yeah thank God I got there savely.. There was a bad riot today, damn I was scared that I would lose my phone.

Oh no! Riot on the way or at Abeokuta? Thank God you are safe. Hmm, our devices are very valuable! 😄

Yeah.. Especially my phone... Can't Hive without it.

Hahah... Time to run back to school.
This is fabulous.

I just like how both if you wore that nose mask. Heheh, it's very important. I already guessed that living Off Campus would be your preferable option.

It's not easy to still in Campus. You would hardly have the opportunity to have your peace or solitude

GoodLuck Bro.
You are doing well ✅

Smile... There would be enough time.. There is much moving up and down and it's mostly online class. Thanks for coming here man.

Oh, so you came back home!
I hope the program went successfully. No wonder you had a good internet unlike when you are in your no internet connection area haha.
I love the campus though, the only disadvantages is that there is no privacy and it's quite noisy if you wish to study except you go and look for one corner to stay lol.
Safe journey to school!

Yeah the program went well thank you. So you prefer living on campus?

Yes I do. I can't live alone off campus 😂