Brainstorming 10 DAILY Hive Improvement Ideas For 10 Days - DAY 5 (41-50)

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"Hello. Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home?"

50 done. 50 left.

Trying to help people with ideas to help Hive grow here.

After 5 days it seems as if few people like this, have seen it, or think it's worthwhile.

That's deflating. At least I'm sticking to my commitment.

Kickoff post with motivation.

Please appreciate the larger purpose and not be critical if an idea isn't worthwhile or suitable to you. These are simply brainstormed suggestions, and I'm hoping that I can get a couple of solid ones that could be taken to the next step if people agree.

On the contrary, if something jumps out as clever or exciting, let me know. I could use plenty of kicks in the ass to get through this exercise.

Since I mainly use Hive.Blog, most of my feedback is from that perspective.

Brainstorm Round #5:

41. Developer Coding Live Streams!

Show us how YOU develop and interact on the Hive chain. Let people under the hood. Attract those who are interested in developing. Generate feedback that may help with ideas. I'd love to watch and learn. Get these on YouTube and Twitter to attract developers. We need a lot of them to be successful.

42. Hive Developer Tutorials & Classes

Teach coding and Hive chain knowhow. Post the recordings for rewards and promotional purposes. Get paid for the tutelage via community support and viewership for being a leader in this niche, or charge if you must. We can't keep hoping for devs to arrive. We need to attract them. Volunteer to showcase your skills with local high schools and colleges to do even more good for the long haul.

43. SP Percentage Meter

Integrate a meter on Hive.Blog that displays your current voting power. If not on our feed page, perhaps on our account profile. We shouldn't need to have multiple windows open to keep tabs. Hive.Blog tracks out last active time and rank, why can't it display this with a set auto-refresh schedule if not checked manually?

44. Post Minimum Character Count

To reduce auto-vote abuse and one-line farming posts often disguised as trying to generate "engagement", establishing a reasonable minimum amount of characters seems fair. If people are going to milk the system, they should at least be encouraged to post a few sentences vs. a short question.

45. Post Auto-Format Buttons

I hate typing out things such as < > </>. We've all made typos and had to go fix them. It'd make a whole lot sense if there was a basic list available below the post editor with commands like center, sup, etc., which could be dropped in where the cursor was last active in the post. The Markdown Styling Guide is good for learning, but not practical for making the formatting process more efficient.

46. Name Tag Screening

I'm not popular enough to have this problem, but some people are tagged way too much. This must get annoying, especially when it's by trolls or people fishing for votes. What if there was a way to add certain spam-prone/abusive users you don't want tag notifications from to ideally cut down the alerts to those you'd be more interested in? While people can be muted, this could be a nice feature.

47. This Is A Test To See Who Is Actually Reading This

After 5 days of posting, I'm curious. Please let me know with a comment below for a full upvote. ALSO, what if people could somehow communicate on a post that they read or watched the entire thing (without leaving a comment)? Sharing this info could help authors and true engagers feel better about their effort. It'd also possibly shine more light on who is really consuming content versus auto-voting or being impressionable by clickbait designed to influence one's voting.

48. "This Is Not Financial Advice"

Similar to #45, it'd be a good feature to have this as a boilerplate text insert via a button below the post edit box. It's an efficient way to include the CYA language if you authors forget to help everyone. Maybe it can be a default feature when certain financial or investment tags are used (or at least a reminder pop-up).

49. Active Hive Games List

A field in one's account profile where they can advertise which Hive games they play so people can commiserate and connect more. This might be barren right now, but it could be a nice easy way to find people to start talking to if there's not much else in common.

50. Suspicious Account Behavior AI

@abh12345's analysis on a recent voting circle post gave me this idea. There are certainly some basic parameters and rules that can be programmed to be scanned over the blockchain to detect and raise flags for further investigation. I'm not developer, but the proximity of certain behavior and overlap of account details or address could be simple things to scan for. As more fine-tuning and learning happens, this could be a massive tool to have on our side.... as long as it doesn't go rogue and do bad stuff. dun dun dunnnn

It's getting harder and harder to think of ideas and I'm only halfway done. Damnnn. Well, it's sweet relief until tomorrow.

Brainstorm Round #4:

31. "Hive Karma"

Much like @tipu mana, people who have a fixed amount of "Hive Karma" mana can allocate it to Hiveans for a specified period of time, which could have benefits such as higher feed placement, pinned posts for x hours, or a special feed where people would be encouraged to go to return the karma. Perhaps this could give them an extra upvote boost from a people who follow a "Hive Karma" account.

32. "SPDW"

TRADEMARK. Steem Power Down Day (SPUD) becomes Steem Power Down Week (SPDW). Ideal if Steem is swapped for Hive via @blocktrades. YOU HEARD THIS HERE FIRST!!

33. A Formal Welcome Video

People making short flashy gifs/clips of Hive's logo doing neat tricks doesn't get us very far. While people over-reward these as we have little else right now, a professional welcome-to-Hive intro video based on the home page would do wonders. We need to get through to people checking us out for the first time, not flash a spinning H with cool effects as a hook with not substance. I'm not talking about onboarding projects. One basic step at a time.

34. Cross-Post On YouTube To Raise Awareness

By @threespeak and Hive influencer video view counts, I'm fairly sure that reach is extremely low. The Hive content work is already done. We have an army of people making videos and it'd be simple to get that content on YouTube to raise awareness and search hits for credibility and marketing. Hive (and Steem) content seems to only be added to YouTube during times of crisis. An unthinkable amount of the world frequents YouTube (and many browse there for crypto news/updates). For some weird reason, we're not plastered all over there to increase awareness and drive traffic. Common sense when at the ground floor. It's FREE marketing.

35. Power Re-Blogs!!

A setting that allows a user to have their auto-vote pool vote specifically selected blogs if auto-voters select to give such permission. This could be capped at 1x per day/week, etc.. I see this as a great way to make an instant impact on posts that deserve the exposure and rewards.

36. Smarter Interview Structure

Hiveans who are interviewed in the crypto space should be savvy enough by now to not waste the first half of the interview talking about how they got into crypto. Many might know by now, but many people will likely tune out on the personal filler that's off topic. This increases the risk of them dropping for lack of relevance to the core topic of discussion that was advertised. Plan ahead by requesting that you aren't asked those questions.

37. Community Post Validation Checkpoint

Many people, including myself, have posted the wrong type of content in the wrong community. This is mostly for lack of understanding or a mistake. A checkbox with a verification of main criteria when attempting to post to a community before the post is allowed to move forward could help reduce this.

38. Auto Translation Fields

Route a free public computer translation interface/service to a form field with option menu visible on Hive to conveniently rough translate comments and portions of posts in common languages. This would be immensely helpful and increase engagement.

39. Featured Author Promo

Hive.Blog could have a rolling list of vetted featured authors displayed on its homepage, or a special tab. This would help get people more followers and attention. There'd have to be some volunteers to identify candidates and get their approval, but it could help so many people. The duration f featured authors blogs would last for a set period of time before being replaced. Only one feature per account per x months. This is far different than a pinned post.

40. @dtube & @threespeak Video Length & Views

Posts should highlight video length from the preview view. It's crushing to see 45 second music clips or quick segments get single digit views, yet full-fledged huge votes from the main accounts. It's time to find the real content, not the catchy snaps/titles people assume are high quality.

Brainstorm Round #3:

21. Wallet Transfer Blacklists/Warnings

@darthknight's @bittrix experience on Steem is precisely why. Known spam accounts should be BLOCKED from receiving wallet transfers from accounts they don't control, or a pop-up WARNING needs to be developed at a minimum. This is a huge gap that has cost people lots of money over the years because of trickery and typos.

22. A Feed Post Matrix To Reduce Scrolling

Trim down the intro text and have a 4x4 or 6x6 display of posts we can more easily see. This will increase curation efficiency by being able to scan more authors at once, thus exposing more that normally never get reached before curation effort is done for the session. Let our eyes do the work, not our fingers.

23. Fix The SMT Whitepaper Link is currently blocked with "AccessDenied." Not professional or transparent. ABC's here.

24. Define Hive Communities On Steem.Blog Homepage

We see lists of "Trending" and "My Communities," while also being able to "Explore." For new users or prospects, a common question may be about what the heck a community is. It can't hurt to provide a link entitled "Communities Defined" in the same section to quickly educate.

25. Notifications Column Enhancement

I have no idea what the variable small red line near every action in this section means. I literally can't even guess. Why have this there if it's vague and undefined? Put a header over that column! Easy.


26. Wallet Memo Send/Transfer Instructions

There should be a link for these in the wallet section. Only those who understand the chain and have prior experience are going to remember how to do this top of mind. I've used this feature 2-3 times over the years and can't even remember how to do it!

27. Fix Last Active Time

This is never accurate. Either fix it or remove it. It's not valuable when I'm using the platform and it says the last time I used it was an hour ago (current example). This makes no sense and could be giving people the wrong info that might influence their behavior or engagement in some way.

28. Following Analytics!

I'm following 636 accounts, but most aren't active anymore. A tool that could show the last active date of each account and other salient details could help me trim down inactive accounts for some housekeeping. It's not hard to conceptualize, and the data should be easy enough to import into a table by account owner request.

29. Reputation Level Attainment Breakdowns

I currently know that it takes "forever" for me to gain a level in reputation. It'd be nice to have a matrix or chart of how much cumulative voting SP or weight is needed to get from level to level to manage expectations. Why not explain as many black boxes as we can to help people understand the mechanisms and set goals?

30. Fee Transparency

The HIVE/HBD currency market should display how much of a fee is being taken in each transaction. Simple. Common sense.

Remember these are pulled out of thin air as I'm writing this post, so not all will be zingers. It's the effort to think critically and try to identify improvements for the community (big or small) that matters more.

Brainstorm Round #2:

11. Ability To Swap Communities During Drafting Of A Post

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but it seems that once you select a community to post in, you can't switch to another community. This is annoying and I have to copy the text and start over. You may be able to switch it to your blog, but not toggle between communities. Sometimes a community seems to default as the destination, but it's not easy to notice, and I've posted to the wrong ones a few times.

12. Select "Top Friends" To Be Featured At Top Of Feed

On Hive.Blog, we can currently make our feed "My Friends," but following a lot of people makes it hard to notice the ones you're keen on browsing first. Akin to voting for 30 witnesses, a form where we can select our top friends to be prioritized in our feed would be nice (while also having the option to lower others without unfollowing them).

13. Community List Sneak Peak

When you hover over a community in the list on Hive.Blog, a popup akin to a Microsoft Excel comment with a high level snippet would be helpful. Yes, you can click the community to get more info, but more info accessible on the home page is better for new prospects.

14. Easy Access Tab For Links To Common Hive Tools

If you don't already know of them from Steem, new users have to dig around or stumble on sites like,, BeeMe, etc.. Many are very helpful, so why not promote them as a value add while we're super low on dApps? There were tons on the Steem chain, and I'm not even sure what's been migrated or created anew here. Let's get a simple tab with approved tools on it.

15. Profile Setting To Allow Alt Account List

Outside of changing your banner to include it, some people may want to readily share their other alt accounts. In our profile settings, why not include an optional field to populate? It could only help people connect more dots more efficiently if people want to share.

16. Next Hard Fork "Steem to Hive" Account Name Change

Yea, having built up @steemmatt to 69.5 rep without bots took a lot of effort. Now I'm steemmatt on Hive and it feels stupid. A true social media disaster. It's like twittermatt being on Instagram. For a future hard fork, why can't those who really are affected by this get a one-time application/review/pass to rectify this? Obviously, conflicts would be screened out, but if none, why not merge old with new? Is it possible or not? That's the question, not if people without the issue don't think it's not worth it.

17. Add Other Social Media Handles To Profile Settings

Much like with the option to include Alt accounts, include a profile field to optionally add Twitter or Instagram handles, etc.. Think less annoying self-promo spam in posts and then breathe a sigh of relief.

18. Add Receive Bitcoin/Ethereum/LTC Addresses To Profile Settings

Same logic and relief as above. Consolidate and give people less reason to plaster all of their posts with 10 addresses pleading for money or donations. Less spam!

19. Private Key Safeguard Reminder Messages For New Accounts

Experienced crypto players know the drill to safely secure their keys. Outside of the warning at account creation, there isn't much more formal guidance to ensure that people maintained good form with their key storage. Perhaps for the 15-30 days, a Hive account can occasionally auto-reply to newbs until they confirm a second time that their keys are safely stored, i.e. not lost after quickly stashing them the first time when making their account.

20. The Hive Developer Project Management Tracker

If people are going to start lining up for daily HBD payments for development/work, are we just supposed to trust them? Perhaps a shared and Hive-accessible project management / time tracker is a good idea to encourage accountability and monitor. Most people aren't going to scour Github. This is broad, but some type of metrics should be figured out since the $xxx HBD per day for xx hours a week someone says they'll do feels crazy to me. The least we can do is track some of the higher level activity to have some proof of work/progress.

Brainstorm Round #1:

1. The Hive Lottery!

On a set schedule, a pool of Hive or HBD collected in a non-profit fund account will be awarded to one random Hivean that bought their "ticket." Depending on the price of Hive, entries may be capped at $1 to keep it fun and responsible. One entry per account. I'd imagine that one drawing per week would be a good place to start. Furthermore, there could be a mega lottery from another TBD source once a month or quarter to really create some extra buzz/new adopters. If there is no profit taken, perhaps this doesn't trip on any legal or regulatory red tape.

2. Personalized Hive.Blog Webpage Skins

The ability to be able to upload a personal skin that integrates with the current web layout would be a nice touch to feel more like home. It's 2020 and we can do better than black and white. Desktop backgrounds can be very motivational or calming, so let's marry the two.

3. Optional "Are You Sure You Want To Post This?" Confirmation Step

We've all been there. Somehow you hit the post button when you were not even close to ready. Scrambling to edit and finish before people write it off can be a bit of stress and ruin the value you meant to bring. In your settings, you can opt to have this safeguard on or off. This doesn't seem difficult or problematic to integrate.

4. Showcase Pages

If I want to quickly find the best artists, musicians, gamers, or fitness gurus here, etc., prominent marketing showcase pages for key disciplines can help. As communities may be confusing, complex, and clunky to newbs, this would be ideal for those scouting Hive to see where they could fit in. It could also be a quick way to meet and assimilate with their kind post sign up. Lastly, the vetted influencers on display could get far more exposure, and maybe even feature custom Hive-inspired works.

5. Disincentivize Auto-votes

Yes, I said it. This system as it's often abused, milked, and cannibalizes organic engagement. I don't know what's possible, but we learned that bid-bots were harmful for our overall growth after far too long. I feel the same here. Perhaps we can have a 10% penalty for an auto-vote or set some type of parameters that are designed to combat the abuse.

6. Optional Upvote Confirmation Step

Imagine how much SP has been cumulatively wasted on a small vote left in the slider that is immediately revoted to what was intended. If people have a habit of doing this, make it an optional setting and save the SP!

7. Industry Relationship Management Repository

There are a lot of people who have relationships with key entities or people in the crypto space. Some may be with exchanges, blockchain professors, or crypto influencers, etc.. If we kept a tracker of who knew who, we could leverage it to make the most out of our relationships as a team. This would also help us efficiently lead with the best contacts and be unified in our approach.

8. Abusive Behavior/Language Penalty Box

If someone is being violently offensive, threatening or hurtful in comment sections, I propose a system that they can be escalated to who can review the extent of the complaint and potentially restrict their commenting ability via high-powered flags for a brief period of time. This would help with prevention, and victim protection, as well as let situations cool off once off the rails.

9. Equal Wallet Visibility

From my experience, it seems that some upper-level accounts have their wallet activity suppressed or hidden from the public wallet view. If this is the case, I don't agree with this concealment as it raises an eyebrow of funds flowing that people don't want seen. If everyone can't have that perk, nobody should have it. If true, perhaps this was a Steemit thing, but I really don't think we should have that on Hive. Wallet activity is important public info and should be easily accessible like it is for the rest of us.

10. Comment Nudging

If you make a badass comment you were really hoping someone would see, but fear it got overlooked/lost in the shuffle, I like the idea of an option to ping the recipient one time with an alert to check it out. Some people get an onslaught of replies and could honestly miss a a bunch, or get behind on them, but to the commenter's relief, they could have one more chance to draw their attention. I'd imagine that there could be a cap per recipient or overall for this for a specified period of time so it's saved for special occassions.

Not even halfway!! It's NOT easy or quick to come up with these.


  • Please let me know if you like any in particular to help with motivation. This will only get harder. Perhaps reply with your favorite 2 or 3 by number???

  • Please try to save your own ideas for the end since I'm going to have to reach to get to 100, and will need all of the opportunity I can get.

  • I'll keep tabs on the hotter ideas for a final report at the end.

Thank you,

I made a @hivematt account, so please pretend I'm posting from there and give that a follow for the future.


I’ve been reading!

Since I mainly use Hive.Blog, most of my feedback is from that perspective.

I think coming from this perspective there’s a decent percentage of the list so far that doesn’t grab me as I primarily use PeakD and the experience is different. There’s certainly some fine common sense ideas, I nod in agreement mostly on beefing up user profile fields and features, but shudder at something like #2 creating the garish monstrosity that MySpace became back in the day! 😆

There’s things like #5 (auto voting) that I just don’t think are realistically enforceable at the blockchain level, or #44 (minimum character count) that would be fine to implement when posting from a site like, but as long as that site doesn’t filter out content coming from other apps which may favor images or short form content, then it becomes useless in steering the originating sites content toward a certain mold.

So overall, appreciate the spirit of the exercise, great brainstorming. For me personally so far, the list is probably 1/3 nod in agreement, 1/3 disagree, 1/3 ambivalent & does not apply to my current experience!

This is an AWESOME and much underappreciated post @steemmatt (which i discovered due to @moeknows mentioning it in an old post). Thank you for sharing.

I just skimmed thorough the list of great ideas, as i am attempting to focus on a great idea myself at the moment and don't want to be distracted. I'll bookmark it and come back though. I also have many other ideas too!

Did you complete the 100 btw? I don't see another post.

I will Re-Hive this and Cross-post in the Hive Improvement community.

Keep up the excellent work.


Thank you. I didn't post any more because I was nearly talking to myself with little acknowledgment, and lost motivation. It's water under the bridge at this point. I'm glad it was helpful to you and that you have ideas. I hope you can push something forward as I've had my fill of trying to capture the attention of the people who've been running this project into the ground.

i opened a tab to read it, went to sleep. again looked at it, and still don't have the time to read it :D so i am here, just did not read it. i will leave it open for few days, maybe i get to it :D

Hah, I'll be adding to it for 5 more days, so it might keep you asleep! No pressure at all. Appreciate any ideas or feedback at your complete convenience.

  1. This is a test to see who is actually reading this...

Agreed, upvotes are good but comments are gold. It’s not always obvious to see who is reading if they don’t have time for a comment etc

Interesting post and ideas here mate.
I missed reading your other posts on this 100 ideas subject, so have been catching up on the rest of the list at the bottom of this post.

I like the sound of idea #1 Lottery, as well as #4 showcase page, also #45 auto-format buttons, and lastly I really like the #45 developer live-streams to be able to appreciate what Hive is and also for folk like me who don’t know anything to get a sense of why this place is so special for developers.

I’m a fan of practical user experience changes. We need those basic things to make it super easy for anyone to get involved.

Oh and the welcome video idea sounds good ;)

Thank you. You're elected to handle the video, great, thanks... Hah. Appreciate you taking a close look through. As you highlighted, the dev streams or tutorials are such a good way to attract and grow our own devs. While gitbhub shows stuff, and I guess we're open-sourced, anyone outside our little niche here won't have a clue where to start.