Virtual Reality || Assessment by the meter of real life

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We lead three lifes at a time:

  • Real life
  • Moral life &
  • Vertual Life

People up to the last century had the first twice. Last one included at this century.

Vertual Life is being prominent of dominating our emotion, passion & obession so rapidly that it is the high time to judge its reality with causes & effects.

Vertuality, to be real or not to be- that is the question. I will not draw any conclusion rather than expressing some thoughts & believes according to my experiences.

Though the experieces collected from the real life, i don’t know that if one goes to judge the reality of vertual life by th the materials collecting from real life, is it not a paradox?

When we notice happy photos of a couple, it may easily creat a perseption on our mind that the couple are leading a happy life. Is it the real scenerio?

People usually like to post most gorgeous and attractive photoes in social media. This censorship or filtering process create the distance from vertulaity to reality.

Another important thing is the misinterpretetion of facial expressions. Sometimes our body languages, expressions could not perfectly represent us.

There are a lot of fake identities in virtual life, it also create misstrust about virtual world. There are a lot of examples of to be emotionally blackmailed by this fake identities in social media.

Due to this reasons, virtual life is always question by the real life. But when anybody become bored in real life, now a days he like to be engaged with virtual life.

So we can say, this is an alternative world of reality.


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You are discussing an interesting topic are longtime people would rather look happy, then actually be happy. Virtual reality is a lot easier to manipulate than actual reality. Feel that that is a source of a lot of the confusion in this world today.