Live in Europe for 1 year!

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Hi all! Thank you for your feedback guys 🫶

We have been in the Czech Republic for almost a year. Who would have thought that this war would last so long? I'm trying to understand the real cause of my depression..


I used to think it was because I want to go home. But now I understand that this is more because of the fact that all this is happening. That people are dying, I have never seen so much pain in one year.🙁

My mom comes to us in May. And she also stays right here with us.


We have a roof over our heads, we found friends here who are also from Ukraine. I am very grateful to the Czech Republic, their people are amazing!


have a lot of memories of when we came from Ukraine and were waiting for housing and visas at the help center. There were a lot of volunteers there who tried to help everyone! They did everything to make us feel comfortable! I am extremely grateful and will always remember this.🥰🌷🌷🙏

Anyway we decided back home in next month ( hopefully). But we will see 🏡
Thank you if you reed it 🫶God bless your family 🇺🇦🌷🙏😽


You are strong. You must remain strong. A fraternal hug from Mexico.

Thank you very much 🙏

Keep your strength up, we re with you on spirit. To think it has gone on for a year is just shocking but above all sad, and I listened to Putin today saying Ukraine and The West started the war!

Hopefully 🙏 thank you for support Ukraine and me also 🙏God bless 🫶

My pleasure Tati, let's hope for 🙏

Stay strong my dear...

Stay strong honey 🌷🌷🌷