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RE: Truth or Lie - Wahrheit oder Lüge ?

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what a brilliant post, and we are in such with our thoughts on some of these crazy theories out there

but that said I am not sure what is crazier some of the theories or the amount of people that choose to believe them


I just needed to say something that has been in my mind for quite a few days. I even had to mute a usual nice guy here on the Hive, because he doesn't stop telling and posting such sh*t.
They don't even try to do a quick research to find the truth about something they read. That's sad and that's dangerous in my eyes.

Thank you JJ, I wish you a great day, my friend 🙂

I have seen some spreading this rubbish as well, and normally I see conspiracy theories and other craziness as not a big deal, but with the virus things that they are spreading can put people at risk and are so dangerous!!!

you to have a great day and stay safe

Good morning JJ, you have a great day too 🙂

I just heard a new theory earlier about how to kill the virus, because supposedly it shouldn't like heat: if you blow hot air into your mouth with a blow dryer and inhale this air into your lung, the viruses will die 😂🙄
I think the people are so bored by now that everyone comes up with his own stupid theory, like I did yesterday 😉

I would laugh but it is sad people fall for this kind of craziness

Have a great day

Yes, you are right, it's sad that many will believe it, but just imagine getting up in the morning and before you brush your teeth you blow hot air into your mouth, just in case the virus has come over night ;)

I am sure blowinginto your mouth with a hot hair dryer can not be a good idea

Right, and I hope nobody will actually try it 😮😩

Sadly I know there will be people that do try it