Book Of Blood (A Movie Review And Thoughts)

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Hello Hivers. Here's a movie review of the 2020 Horror and Thriller movie, Book Of Blood based on the novel, "Books of Blood" by Clive Barker. It is also the second movie that's been made based on the movie. The movie involved crime and some paranormal activities. So if you're into horror movie, I suggest you check this out.

Please before you continue reading, this post contains spoilers.

The movie circles around three short stories, one of a female high school dropout, another of a professor who lost her son and the third, about a two men in search of the book of blood itself. The movie then brings all three short stories to a meeting point, a couple that stores the living bodies of patients who suffer from depression and emotional trauma. These couples cause the patients to be numb after the removal of the patients eyes and ears and feel it's the best cure for patients of depression and trauma.

The movie is quite complicated and isn't very easy to give a synopsis of just like in the trailer below but was quite interesting and got me frightened at some points even more than many high ranked horror movies ever did. I saw it around midnight and it definitely gave me the chills and thrills. I'll rate it 8/10 because its actually one of the best horror movies I've seen lately.

Here's a link to the trailer



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