Meet My Kitten, Tyga. (Photography And Writing)

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Hi guys. So I'm gonna be introducing you all formally to Tyga, my two months old kitten. He's an American Wirehair cat breed born two months ago and has been a great company alongside Molly, it's sister and partner in crime.


Tyga is one hell of a hyperactive kitten that has literally gotten in lots of trouble in just a few days at my new location. He's wandered around the estate, brought home some new cat friends, almost got drowned in a bucket full of water and has made me quite popular amongst new neighbors.


He is bigger and has more furs than Molly, eats more (in a very aggressive manner most times), still tries to poop on my bed whenever he gets the chance to get in with me and is super hyperactive. He was a sleepyhead before traveling down here but that seems to have changed a bit since we got here as I observed he loves the new environment and kids in this neighbourhood who've been coming to pay him and Molly visits ever since they found him wandering around.


He's been very inquisitive,smart and obeys some instructions which is quite impressive. He's a gem-pet and I can't wait to see what extraordinary pet he grows to become.


Thanks for reading, stick around for my next cat story on Molly, my female Kitten.

I am a self taught and aspiring visual artist, photographer, cat-lover and blogger who loves to create artworks out of randomness. I love the creativity behind my style and the freedom to create drawings out of imperfections.😊😊


Credits to thepeakstudio for the fancy dividers.
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