Monochrome Photographs of My Kittens (Tyga And Molly)

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Hi guys. I relocated to the western part of my country somee days ago to conclude my Postgraduate project since the lockdown here has been eased. The project involves tons of laboratory works and analysis of quite alot of samples and so I'll be here some a month or two. I brought two of my favorite kittens with me from home ( Tyga, a male hyperactive kitten and Molly, a female gentle and reserved kitten). I named the male, Tyga, cos I loved how active and happy he is. He actually plays all day and is quite stubborn but I love them like that. I named the female kitten, Molly after her mother.
So here are some new photographs of both kittens I took today before going to the University to meet the professor in charge of my project. I hope you love them.


Camera Focus on Tyga

Camera Focus on Molly

Tyga taking a nap



I am a self taught and aspiring visual artist, photographer and blogger who loves to create artworks out of randomness. I love the creativity behind my style and the freedom to create drawings out of imperfections.😊😊


Credits to thepeakstudio for the fancy dividers.
Thanks for stopping by my post. Enjoy the rest of day♥️


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awww... those cute little droopy eyes!

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Tyga and Molly are adorable little kitties!

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