Black New/Dark Moon in Cancer, July 20th 2020

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I've been somewhat steadily working on creating more #witchcraft related quotos and infographics to use as the spoiler space prevention spacers for my Tarot Tuesday posts (as well as just for general sharing). I'm also curious to see if I can drive some of my Pinterest traffic here to my Hive blog, instead of my WordPress blog (which I will eventually get around to posting!).

As I've been doing for the past couple of months-ish, after this post is published, I'll reply down in the comment section with a link to the pin I plan to create, as well as my Instagram post, and my Tweet. If you're in those spaces as well, feel free to shout out and I'll give you a follow - always happy to have more Hivers on my other social media accounts! 😊

Now to the graphics - I haven't done an infographic for a New/Dark moon in ages, and I found it interesting that the last one I created was early last July. Seems a pretty auspicious one to start back up on too, especially given that it's a rare second Cancer New Moon in a row, which in some circles makes it a Black Moon!

To explain a bit further, some consider a Black Moon (which is kind of the New Moon version of the Blue Full Moon occurrences) to be the second new moon in a solar month (meaning two new moons in a row in the same zodiac sign). For others, it's the third of four new moons to take place in one season (the period of time between a solstice and an equinox, or vice versa). Since this one fits the first definition, I'm going to go ahead and call it so.

Hope you have a magical Black New/Dark moon, and as always, please feel free to share!


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Infographic Text

Black New/Dark Moon in Cancer
July 20th 2020 @ 1:32 pm EST
(July 20th 2020 @ 17:32 UTC )


Cancer is a water sign with highly emotional, sensitive, and protective motherly energies.

The second new moon in succession under the same zodiac sign is considered by some to be a Black Moon.

A Black Moon supercharges ritual work. It’s a good time for time for spells involving banishment, cleansing, and protection.

Magical workings include: nurturing relationships, healing emotional wounds, spiritual growth, forgiving the past and moving forward, and removing the old to make room for the new.

Photo: Photo: Full moon January 2017, with an ombre filter.


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I'm only just getting to learn a bit about the moons but I struggle to retain the information given, how do you do it?

There is so much to it as well when it comes to signs and stars and planets and under certain moons that it seems to get really complicated. When the time is right and I can sit down to these things, I am going to jot it down in a book. But really, how do you know it's under cancer? I know moons can be noted on a calendar, easy, but the other stuff... its magical knowledge lol

Cycles of the moon are intriguing in interpretation, I hear the turn via waves hitting the shore line, sounds rumble up the valley letting one know the seas mood has altered and the moon is normally to blame.

Sharing into all the spaces on social media I see, will have to visit some of my neglected older accounts again soon.


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Interesting to learn new info about the Black Moon. Thanks for posting!
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