Girls are very helpless after marriage

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Hello friends,
Assalamu Alaikum, how are you all? Hopefully everyone is well and healthy by the infinite mercy of the Creator. I am also much better inshallah.

Why girls are so helpless after marriage. Why don't they have any freedom. He can't do anything he wants even if he wants to. In fact, after marriage, girls have no value in their own will. Girls are really helpless after marriage.

Parents struggled to raise their children from an early age. If a girl has a child, there is no question that girls grow up like princess to her father. But even after growing up with so much effort, girls are not given any value after marriage. After marriage, girls become a lot later. He leaves his parents and sets foot in another world far away. Even after going there, everyone gets new parents. But even if the girls take everyone as their own, they should always be behind them.

Girls can't do whatever they want after marriage. In fact, they have to be accountable to everyone. If you want to do something, you have to say what you are doing. Then he can do that work if he is allowed to do that work. In fact, after marriage, the desire of girls has no value.

It is often seen that girls want to study after marriage or want to continue their education. But in many homes, after marriage, girls do not have the opportunity to study or are given the opportunity. In fact, many people think that when a girl gets married, she can only do housework and not do anything else. To do all the work in the world, to take care of everyone, these are the work of girls after marriage. In fact, nothing else can be studied. Besides, if you study after marriage, girls will not start a family. There are also many different comments.

Also, after marriage, if girls talk to another man or if they talk to another boy friend, then they have to listen to various harsh words. In fact, girls can't have boyfriends. If that friend is before marriage then why can't you talk to that friend after marriage. But when you talk, you have to listen to different things. When she talks to another man after marriage, she is called a bitch. But these are actually the mistakes of their whole minds. Because when a girl talks to a boy friend after marriage, she doesn't get upset or she leaves her husband. But here too the girls are very helpless.

Finally, I would say that girls are really helpless after marriage. However, I would say that after marriage, the wishes of girls should be given importance, they should be respected. Because girls are the mother's offspring. That is why they should be given due respect after marriage.

So friends, so far today. Many, many thanks to everyone for reading my post. And if there is any mistake, then you must look at it with forgiveness. I pray to the Creator that everyone stays well and stays healthy.

God bless you.