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Building has never been easy without collaboration. Many people thought of having an app on this chain or off-chain, but the cost of building has been the barricade from their dreams. The Hive Blockchain can solve and birth many projects. The GitPlait community is here to solve the little cost of development and for developers to collaborate and build projects together. Have you ever thought of having an app? Join GitPlait, we could do something together.


What about we make Hive a place to learn new things? I read a publication from @tarazkp some days ago, and he talked about what valuable content is. From a personal perspective, valuable contents are those that we get one or two things from. YouTube, Medium and others hold tonnes of useful information. These are centralized system, but their effectiveness in areas of learning are great. Useful content for someone suffering from high BP could be a post that will make them laugh. A useful publication for someone willing to cook well are tutorials on how to make good soups. On Gitplait, we have a community where learning would be easy. We want to see an influx of coding tutorials, and we want to reward all valuable efforts from the devs.

Questions and Answers

There are many projects on the web that helps people in questions. Quora has been a good one, and Musing on Steem did pretty well when active, but both are for general questions and answers. Stack Overflow for developers has been a very useful site for devs. Almost all developers will have one or two questions while building, and we can make HIVE a home for developers. A community where we can count 40-60 devs is enough to solve coding problems. Therefore, we have a thread in the form of forums for the devs to ask and answer questions in whatever language they build.

Tasks for the Devs

Collaboration is the key aspect of the GitPlait community/project. Project owners and developers could use this for their projects. This is simply a means to publish task requests for features they(PO’s and Devs) would like to see on their app(s). There is a simple template we provided on the gitplait website for people to follow in posting task request.

GitPlait need support.

I launched the community (GitPlait) two weeks ago, and we are only 11 in the community. We are little, but I strongly believe we can grow. We need HIVE delegation to reward the values that devs will be creating. @gitplait account currently holds 300HIVE POWER, and we need more delegations. Also, 40% of the curation rewards will be distributed among investors/delegators proportional to their investment in liquid HIVE. To delegate, 10HIVE, 20HIVE, 50HIVE, 100HIVE, 200HIVE, 500HIVE, 1,000HIVE, 10,000HIVE, 100,000HIVE

Thank you!

Join the Community and let’s solve problems and build together.

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Added a small addition to the delegation. Funny you mention the question and answer side of things, I'm currently building a general question and answer site for Hive, about half way there but it's coming along. Maybe when I get to a point I make it open source it will be a useful fork.


Good luck, will definitely take a read through the posts.

Wow! Nice that you are building a general site for Q/A here. Projects like these are very useful. Good luck with it, and I will keep in touch with ya. Can I get a direct link to chat you up on discord? I believe we could do 1/2 things together. And Thanks for the delegation.

That's a good one. I trust things will work out fine on both ends and it's gonna help me in my coding jouney. Nice coming across you again man. Hope you feeling good.

We can surely solve problems and build together. We need the tools on hive

followed and joined!