Some of My Black and White Photographs!

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Hello my dear friends! Welcome back to my today's photography blog. I hope that you all are well. I am also well. Today I have shared some pictures of flowers and insects from my black and white photo album.

These pictures was taken in different times and I have edited them with black and white colour. At first you can see a picture of a butterfly sitting on a paddy leaf. Paddy leafs were looking so beautiful for the dew drops!

IMG_20210411_174033 (2).jpg

In the next picture, you can see a flower in my hand.

IMG_20210412_172459 (1).jpg



IMG_4864 (1).jpg



Thanks for visiting my blog!


Your pictures are really beautiful... There is a community called black and White and this kind of photos are ideal to share them there... If you are interested, read their posting requirements... I liked them very much.

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