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In the previous blog, I was telling you about my lost pet cat KENDELL, I shared everything with you about how she is been stolen by some thief. I was searching and hurting myself from time to time, but there was no result. my mother told me to pray for Kendell. I prayed to God that where ever she is right now make sure to take care of her and protect her, which I did every day. Yesterday one of a friend called me saying do you want a Persian kitten right now, I said her let me ask my mother. my mom told me ''look I am your mother I don't want you to see me getting hurt again so it's better not to have this type of desire again '' .


                       I was happy the moment when my friend ask me about getting a new cute little cat, but at the same Kendell was in my mind too. so finally my mother gave me permission to adopt two of my kittens. I was surprised and quite contended at the same moment. I will show the pictures guys first...


These two are just one and a half months old. I am in love with them, both are active. I feed them milk with a feeder. my responsibility begins now, I had to feed them on time, plus I need to potty train them. it's like taking care of the newborn child. I hope you guys can also feel the warmth of their eyes. I am already crazily in love with them . from time to time I will share pictures of them in my blog, so stay tuned and guys follow me. I am desperate to share my memories regarding these two beautiful creatures with you.


I had these two, but still, the loss of Kendell is still engraved in my heart, but for the time being, I think I will recover from that trauma because God bless me with these two. personally, I like both prints on their body my favourite of these two's is the one with CHEETAH print because I just like CHEETAH's and tigers so much. I could not afford CHEETAH or TIGER now but i can have these enormously cute little guardians of my happiness

okay ! guys good night, because it's almost 5, am, stay happy stay healthy and be blessed.


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