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We have been building everything around us learning about people and understanding how they live.

The beauty is nature I have seen many things around and every time I try to understand how nature is able to create something in a way that we could not believe I feel relief.

Just when you see and realize why are you admiring is a moment that you can feel that understand that you're not alone even when you feel alone everything is around you while you are just looking at it.

When I was a child I used to be at the backyard of my grandmother's house mostly of the time watching and many box there because they were building their houses and just walking finding food or everything around like plans and things that they need to their things.

Everything is so green and in a way I feel like everything that is green is a way to say that we are alive because nature is mostly green because everything that is green is a meaning of life.


A leaf a root or even a flower are the meaning of that we all together in this world and there is nothing around that can change that every nation every culture we have too many ways to make that everything around us be different for us.
I have never felt that before, you should do that. Go to a pack


Nature is amazing so please take care of it, you are part of it.
Everything around can be coming into a total combination of beauty if you are just trying to figure out how it could be possible, yes nature is impossible to understand.

Since I know blondes half healing abilities because they can grow and grow and everything that they touch can make it look that it is alive.

I could be a shadow a piece of darkness but a piece of darkness under a tree because that tree is giving me life.

The way the nature works is the same way that life works,it has many times combinations and also interesting and exchange treatment with us.

Mother nature can bring us peace there is a interesting on the main reason why people love mountains love walking apart love being a river I love just the staring this guy while he's breathing fresh air.

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Nice photo i love the nature :3