Bloody battle of dragons || BATTLE Weekly Challenge

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I'm playing the splinterlands game a lot these days. I try to get at least twenty to thirty focus daily chests daily to increase my splinterlands strength. I really like the daily focus challenge of splinterlands. I think through daily focus all the splinterlands players will get more and more interested in playing and they will get more and more interested in focus chest reward.

I have gained about forty focus chests in three days in focus reward. But my post today is to take part in the weekly battle contest of Splinterlands.

This week the theme element of Splinterlands is dragon and I have brought DJINN CHWALA dragon with dragon summoner DARIA DRAGONSCALE
to fight the opponent on the battlefield.

This battle is a bloody battle of dragons in which my dragon monster has blown up the opponents. If you want to take part in this week's battle contest, you can find out more about it at this link.SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! DRAGONS!


My battle line up


This battle was a total of 14 mana battles and the best strategy was to land a good dragon in this low mana battle . My opponent also looked strong. I choseDJINN CHWALA a dragon with DARIA DRAGONSCALE dragon summoner in this short mana battle.

This battle consisted of two rules. The blast and the shield were two battle battles. in these two rule every monster will have ability of blast and shield , so it was one of the major rule that give extra protection to every monster in the battle but both side will get same opportunity .

If you are a new splinterlands player then always read the rules of battle before choosing the elements so that you can easily choose the best monster.


i enterd in this battle with Daria Dragonscale , so it is one of my favorite dragon summoner that i mostaly use to win the battle against the opponent. so in this battle i used this battle , so it has great ability to control the its dragon of team .it is my favorite summoner and i used it in many battle .


I always put Furious chicken in the first position in Kim Mana battle. The biggest reason for this is that there is no mana cost on furious chicken. The second biggest reason is that I use it for sacrifice. Because when the battle starts, in the first round the opponent tries to attack the monster which is in the first position of his opponent. Protects from attack. This was also the purpose of keeping the furious chicken in the first position in this battle.



I placed this week's theme element dragon, which is DJINN CHWALA, in the second position. Because DJINN CHWALA is a very strong dragon and he has the ability to blow up the enemy.

I think DJINN CHWALA can defeat the strongest opponent if he is played with the best team according to the rules. In this battle you can see how Djin chawala has fought the best fight and defeated a strong opponent.

DJINN CHWALA's armor ability and ability to repel enemy attacks give him a unique position and strength which plays an important role in defeating the opponent. In this battle Djin Chawla has used his strong power to the best of his ability and repulsed the enemy's attacks on him in the best possible way and thus defeat was the fate of the opponent.

Ice Pixie

I took the third monster Ice Pixie because it is very good at magic attack, besides this mana cost is also very low. The point was that if it survives in the first round of the enemy then it is the best choice with less mana as it can strike the enemy with its magic attack but unfortunately it is already in the first round of the enemy. She was attacked. I think this is a great choice if you want to do a magic attack on the opponent in low Mana battle. but my opponent destroy the ice pixie in first round start.

Battle Review



In the first round the opponent damaged the furious chicken in the first round and then after the death of the furious chicken D jiin chawla took the first position and as soon as he saw the enemy killed my two monsters already in the round. In the first round, my Dragon Chawala did a lot of damage to the opponent due to his powerful armor ability and blast.



In the second round, my Dragon first smashed the shield of the opposing monster, using his ability to reverse the enemy's attack on him, and then blasted and attacked the enemy's two monsters by reversing the enemy's attack. Destroy in the second round. Thus, in the second round, my dragon did a lot of damage to the opponent. If you look at the battle, from the first round, my dragon was alone and with courage and bravery damaged the enemy.



in third round, DJinn chawla used its thorn ability very nicely to destroy the opponent monster so in third round half of the monster of opponent were knockout .

Round 4


in last round there was only two monster left to opponent side. they attacked to my Djinn chawla and with the thorn ability , Djinn chawla destroy one of them and last one destroy by the attack of dragon , it was the blood battle of dragon that i got victory.

Battle Result


Battle Link



  • Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

yes my strategy plane worked very well, and victory of mine in this battle is proof that my all strategy worked very well and i got victory, yes i want to use it in at different position , with different summoner of dragon unit,

  • Do you like DRAGONS? Why or why not?
    yes i like dragon very much, i like very much Djin chawala reason of its great thorn ability that it has. i like mostly all dragon unit

Dear my splinterlands family, hope you all will enjoy my this battle post , i tried my best to write detail post about my battle, and hope this will be for helpful for new splinterlands user , and thank you very much for reading and visiting my this post.




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Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121

well explained the battle and dragons are great cards in the game,