Beautiful Bow Lake & Bow Falls

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One of my favourite lakes in all of Banff Park, Alberta is Bow Lake. Also one of my favourite hikes in Banff Park is the hike to Bow Falls, located nearby, it is about a 90 minute hike. A twofer. If you ever find yourself in this neighborhood, do stop on by to soak in this experience. You won’t regret it. Now because it is located just off the Icefields Parkway highway, it is easily accessible and therefore generally sort of busy. Don’t fret, you should be able to find parking (the earlier you get there the better though!). Which is your favourite genre here, colour or black & white?



Camera: Huawei P40 Pro
Lens: Leica
Editing: Lightroom & Camera+


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Hey I like your photos 😍😍.
I have a Huawei P30 but I don't believe I can take photos like yours.

I know the p30 takes pretty decent pics too. Thanks

When I was in scouts back in the early 80's one of our trips was to Bow Falls.Then we'd hike back and run a trail towards the ink pots.Stay over night and then hike out.Was a great weekend.

Great memories from the great outdoors! Time to revisit perhaps.

This old scout won't see that part of the country anytime in the future.Those day's are long gone.

Yeah, I hear you.

Turquoise water & almost turquoise sky.

Difficult to get the colours correct on this one.

Such an incredible blue to the water and majesty to the mountains. Thanks so much for sharing my friend.

Thanks for stopping by Troy.

I love, love this turquoise water. So beautiful.

It was incredible.

I do like the color versions of that water. Hauntingly nice!

Thank you sir.

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I love the view and the turquoise color of the lake adds a great beauty to the view. Nice shots

Thanks for looking.

I like the third photo with some snow covered peaks, despite of warm day especially when people can still wear summer clothes. Water looks crystal clear.

It's one of the best lake/glaciers in Banff. Love it.