Tiny Visitors On A Snowy Morning

Old Man Winter has finally shown his white face and left the ground covered with light fluffy snow.

I looked out the kitchen window to see the tiny red squirrel, perched on the post, waiting for me to toss him peanuts or cat food.

Black and white version of the squirrel.

The next visitor this morning was the pretty Blue Jay, sitting on the post, waiting for peanuts or bird seed. He had been watching from the trees for me to feed the squirrel.

Blue Jay in black and white. Many wildlife animals and birds do not hibernate over the winter. They don’t seem to mind colder weather.

With the open portion of the deck covered with snow, the squirrel burrowed through it looking for any food that might be buried.

Although the snow isn’t that deep it will stay on the ground awhile for the temperature has dropped sharply.


Lovely lovely photos. First the squirrel then the blue jay. Great contrast with the black and white. Both colored and b&w are just astounding. Love the b&w of the porch overlooking the snow. So peaceful. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed looking at them but I know I will not in person. I can't stand freezing temp 😱😱😱

A little late in replying, I’ve been working on stories for a friend of mine who is writing a book on the Women of Western New Brunswick, Canada. I contributed about 5 stories.
Yes the cold is certainly a turn off but this too will past and spring not that far away.
I’m pleased you liked the photos.
Have a great rest of the week ahead, 😃

Brave little souls that stay through the cold, must be very happy having a human friend to feed them now!

Last photo in B&W really sharp with contrast, enjoy some thick broth and keep warm, thanks for sharing cool pictures for me to dream about white fluffy powder!

@tipu curate

We could use a day or two of your warm weather, It’s going to be really cold this weekend, I hope the little critters find a warm spot but they seem to survive it all.

Thanks Joan for your support and the tip. Much appreciated.

Little ones will find a warm spot they are pretty clever.

Wrap up warm and enjoy some hot chocolate.

The photos are wonderful. Pictures of the bird and squirrel amazing. The snow...we haven't had any yet. I don't envy you😇

Hi A.G. @agmoore. Yes we had snow and a cold snap. The worse cold ever experienced but now around freezing pong. After seeing the destruction in Turkey and Syria a little cold doesn’t seem so bad.

Thanks for your kind comment and have a wonderful rest of the week. 😊 🌞

the squirrel is back 😍😍😍 omg i would love to have those visitors tooo!! i would feed them everyday too haha

Thanks! The squirrel is a special little visitor. I know I spoil them with peanuts but love seeing them. 😊

I would do the same hahaha

Such beautiful shots. I think squirrels are here just to be cute.😊

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment. 😊 🐿

That's what I call Winter - beautiful fluffy white stuff all around, and even the birds and squirrels have their fun with it 😀

Beautiful images, Jo, black & white suits the Winter and looks great, but in my eyes the squirrel and especially the blue jay looks a lot better in colour 😉

Maybe you like a !PIZZA fresh from the Oven 😋

Hi Hannes. Yes finally a snow storm that might stay. We are in direct hit of a polar vortex this weekend, I’m not looking forward to the cold temps it will bring down from the North. 🥶

Thanks dear Hannes for your support and everything. I agree, the little critters look best in their pretty colors. 🐦 🐿

Have a great Thor’s Day. 🤗

Hi Jo,

after a few warm days it has become colder here too and the snow will also stay. Now Winter looks like Winter, but the older I get the more I dislike the cold ❄️😉

You're most welcome, dear Jo, I'm wishing you also a wonderful Thor's Day 🌞

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