Cheap Beautiful Ai Housing Solution for San Diego- tent city music festival ideal company town- private military style barracks (with full civilin freedoms) like an outdoor ai hive blockchain dao run university

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i have this vision of profitable tent cities with music stage- hiring entire homeless city camps as staff for freakin music festivals , what a fucking cool job to get right off the streets. i mean what a great way to get peoples spirits up, people may not all get the cooleat jobs but first comw fiest serve, many will be happy ro get any sirt of job they dan do right next to where they live, and when we run iut of jobs we set up computer labs and then its the internets problem lol


jk but seriously we can have unlimited jobs on devices from computers to even people sitting in a desk on a smartphone and all they need is a usb cable or secured locked via metal cable batterypack. i could have some system of just hammocks and usb cables and i could have a hive of ex homeless pwople now living in our hive working and living for the lowest cost BUT created in a smart enough way to make it work for many younger people and older just certain types woule rather sleep like its the navy in the 1940s and youre on a ship with hammocks but you all have smartphones headphones and a usb cable and wifi and thats all they need. people who are managers can be laying in hammocks or sitting up in them with a special secondary head rest or just sitting up crosslegged sideways...

or they can go sit on a yogapad on the grass next to some nice outdoor bathroom trailers get extremely clean , and showers and kitchen etc. it woule be a really nice space where you can make money save money and have a lot of people who you can work with or work alone. it woule help a loooot of people fine purpose to have private civilian barracks with an ai blockchain as your biss hiving teams tasks and jobs oh yeah it woule be like the dreams i used to have of growing up in some amazing future alien univ