DEFI Apartment BLOCK Chains SAND Real Estate Smart Contracts. We're using DEFI to buy a $1M to $10M Apartment Block in San Diego with Hive Voice Telos Sand & Kanda users working for Tokens to pay Rent ground floor 24/7 Streamlabs Taxed Twitch Party

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Real Estate Can be purchased using with a High Level High Limit Black Debit card

BUt we want to find a Real Estate seller willing to take crypto and EOS specifically and because of coinbase and EOSDT USDT etc we should have no problem ....but @dan Larimer made me realize that we should NEVER sell crypto to fiat and ONLY find people willing to ACCEPT crypto.....its why SBD (now HBD ) exists ....SAND users have a convenient dollar pegged coin that isnt perfect but lets them make transactions in HBD and if they lose any money they can make a hive post or proposal request as ANY real brick and mortar business or shop using HIVE should be 1st in line to get hive dao grants


⭕️Ackza⏳SAND💎TLOS🟣KANDA☀️eos: zackzackzack Telos Kanda EOSIO HIVE, [14.09.20 17:42]
@chaceeskam we wil use eos defi to buy an apartment block and integrate rent with and chl , 1 to 10 milion, the nice ones are like 19M hah but we can build one, i needaspecial locker sytem so the bottom flors have lock our procedures, where no pay no stay and al belongings kept in lockers u can aces outside..... we can combine eos telos sand and chl here and even create a system for kanda real estate so african low regulation areas can experiment with renting out rooms and chalenge and iscord users who WORK FOR US making MORE value back than the room food and wifi we pay for them

⭕️Ackza⏳SAND💎TLOS🟣KANDA☀️eos: zackzackzack Telos Kanda EOSIO HIVE, [14.09.20 17:50]
everyones money in and money out wil be posted on an HDTV on the wall, do people will see how much EOS KANDA SAND or CHL they take up in rent food and wifi data ..... all on a big HDTV on the wall

people wil redefine work and life and have apartment blocks where the renters al own and use social media and to earn enough to buy the buildings from the land lords. We will decentralize business and hotels and the actual codes that alow the laws to work