San Diego CLIFF dwelling houses + purple LED lit Beach and desert pyramids in Anza Borrego. I think this concept art will inspire actual architectural projects from investors

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These San Diego CLIFF DWELLING houses came out REALLY well




use this prompt to make your own midjourney ai designed cliff houses in YOUR city, UIF you have beaches or mountains!

luxury stone cave house style cliff dwelling cave houses along cliffs of point loma overlooking san diego bay, at night with purple led lights in the style of futuristic spacescapes, spectacular backdrops, rich colors, luxurious wall hangings, photo, celestialpunk, oshare kei , 32k uhd, dario argento, james bidgood, dark ciaroscuro, snipverse, cyberpunk cinematic style of dario argento --v 5 --q 2 --s 750


It looks liek a mix of machu pichu and greece, and italian beach villages
But its based around La Jolla SHores and pacific beach

heres some cool pyramids in the san diego desert




Gotta LOOOVE those dario argento style cinematic cyberpunk pyramids! I always wanted pyramids in my own backyard! HEY thats a good idea ! next ill do pyramids and ancient temples in my own backyard!