San Diego Downtown 5th ave and broadway reimagined as an aztec city with AI art (and bakboa park as a roman city)

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I really really want to have a gallery printed of my san diego ai artwork and have them in a real gallery sold with a ftee nft that comes with a piece...or an option to buy the nft alone for much cheaper like ill charge 20 bucks to be affordable and see if i can sell out










My goal is to take some ordinary people off the street even some homeless people and some local students who may have bad grades and troubles home lives but who want to do art ...but need help learning and i will teach them to make prompts for ai art and have some pieces created in a gallery of ordinary artists and even a gallery of ai art created by san diego homeless people from their perspective and an idea of a future that homeless people believe could work

Prompts for midjourney:

downtown san diego 5th Ave and Broadway but in the style of an aztec city. Zero horizon dawn art station greg rutowski 8k highly detailed - Upscaled by <@313844223139119114> (fast)


balboa park as an ancient Roman city. Highly detailed. Art station. 8k. - <@313844223139119114> (fast)

Feel free to post a prompt or dm me in discord (im ackza on pal discord find me in clown world )

like the golden homeless art project @mughat taught me about, we can help create art with the homeless to sell as real pieces and nfts that can then fund new lives for these people

I hope to also teach local san diego school district students how to use midjourney and get schools to purchase 30 dollar 1 month unlimited packages to allow the entire school 1 class at a rime to each submit their ideas in one shared discord account in a computer lab or on a phone passed around the school to allow them all to submit prompts to a discord or telegram setup for the school or use hive, and have them pasted in midjourney and posted on a schools twitter or hive or instagram account

It would be wonderful to take the winning student ai art and have them printed uo at kinkos or online as a nice art print and frame it and gift it to the students and also have 1 print copy hanging up in the school library which should be art galleries for ANY students art and not just for lame one time class projects .. any student art should get a chance to be placed in a library wall in every school library ... schools should have walls where students can hang up their printed art and we should be showing off student and homeless made ai art of san diego here at a local gallery and then feature it on Kusi news



I am sorry for making neoxian token airdrop look bad with joking ariund with large airdrop exploit that just happened and inknew the tokens wernet real and didnt think it couod hurt the price but it coud have so sorry for that

There were people in discord who had their 4th wall broken or whatever and may not have trusted tipcc or the discord airdrops after that and i just had gotten you into the tipbot whichnis probly why i felt iresponsibly power tripping and used an exploit i found as i never do and it was so easy but if someone did that to me after injust paid to get on a discord tip bot i guess id be pissed to so i should have done that

I should have stuck to one simple display and allowed it to be deleted after messaging oku befire causing the chaos back then likeni did and maybe thats also why i ended uo banned from tipcc server itself even tho i still got tokens listed for tjem but for other reasons they didnt like me in the discord snd banned me lol i get banned a lot so i shoud work on that and cherish hive as one place left i have untill i end up in the un fininished construction of antelope social which ill have tk help build if i want to be a whale on a social media blockchain and not have this problem one day then i guess ill be able to say i earned the right to go a little crazy if i help build the social media dapps on eos and telos that voice was supposed to be and ive been talking about these lately with telos dapps telegram where hesta from vessel and anchor greymass is

You are welcome, I'll be sure to give you more.