Withdraw SAND EOS tokens back to Hive-Engine to Power Up and Stake for Staking rewards!

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You can NOW withdraw SAND EOS back to HIVE ENGINE here on ALCOR with a single WITHDRAW button!


Thats ALCOR by RUSSIAN GOLOS superstar @avral who MAy give GOLSO a GOLOS engine and a super cheap version of hive-engine by @aggroed @cryptomancer @eonwarped @holger50 @holger80 and @holger2000

Get ready to watch @cryptomancer learn about EOSIO NFTs here on https://alcor.exchange/nft-market oh boy hes gonna go crazy when he sees the progress we made, I can do stuff that I shouldnt be able to do, but VROOM VROOM now we need BIG brains from steem who work on NFTs to come to WAX and eos telos ATTACK ..... monopoly NTFT upland challengedac sheeeeet


Now check out my SAND NFT trading cards for sale here on https://alcor.exchange/nft-market and click the @sandiegoicoin category !!!

ALSO I may ask @eonwarped if I can pay to change my Staking rewards from 10% to 50% like @telokanda just did, and we will see first how telokanda works with less author and curator rewards and more rewards for stakers. I like the idea of SAND holders getting more SAND from the reward pool just by staking, while the few hundred SAND a day for the reward pool would be fine at 100 a day especially if sand was $1 to $10 to $100 or even Ethereum or BTC price range. It would be hard but local users are the secret, and local users learning about crypto is the answer. https://Voice.com is going to be our secret weapon @mariannawest has already earned Voice for making posts and getting daily rewards ! If she can cash them out with me soon along with other voice users, we will be insanely happy and will probably have money to buy Hive? I certainly will add to a Liquidity Pool for EOS SAND on https://alcor.exchange just like @richardcrill added a Pool for WEEDCASH