A birthday present

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Yesterday it was my birthday.
Which better way to spend it than a tour to the lake and the mountains?
Usually I don't accept birthday presents, but this year I made an exception for this think to pick up trash, bought second hand.
This way I was able to pick up in the woods two bags of litter, and to put them in the public bin, even differentiating it.
A fun way to make things a bit better.
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Happy birthday @marcello.clean Welcome on Hive, Congratulations, very nice present for the planet.
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I joined the seeds community as well. Where do I have to add My seeds account?

In a reply here, for example...
or you can edit your post and add it to the post.

Now I understood. Done, thanks!

Wow excellent publication ! Thanks !
I like it
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Thanks for the effort cleaning up.

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